About me

My profile and career

This time I will introduce myself and my personal background. I'm Toshi who is 22 years old. I'm a student in Tokyo, Japan. My hobby is watching anime, watching movies, reading, reading manga, soccer and bouldering.

From childhood to high school students

I was born in Saitama Prefecture in February 1996. After that I grew up in Saitama prefecture until I was 6 years old. After that I moved to Tokyo. Even now I live in Tokyo. I was a very talkative child. But I was a child not going to school so much until I was a high school student. I was crazy about anime, movies, reading and manga. Especially I love anime and manga and watching anime more than 10 hours every day and reading time manga I go to school only to do soccer with my friends only after school everyday without leaving the class. I really hated studying. Therefore, I was not very good at studying. When I was junior high school student, I could not answer math problems for elementary school students.

Going to high school everyday 

Japanese compulsory education is only for elementary school 6 years and junior high school 3 years. But 98% of Japanese graduate from junior high school, then enter high school and go to high school for 3 years. I went to high school just like everyone else, and since I was not going to school so much, I entered a very easy high school to enroll. Therefore, there were many defects in the high school I entered. However, I was able to make very good friends. 6 years of primary school and 3 years of junior high school Because I was not studying properly, the lesson was very difficult. However, many of the students at this high school were not as good at studying as I was. So I cooperated with my friends and was struggling to study. But it was a very pleasant three years. I was playing everyday with my friends without participating in club activities. I was watching anime and playing games with my friends after school. By the way, after over 50% of Japanese high school students graduate from high school, They will go on to university. I did not clearly know the occupation that I would like to take in the future, so I did not want to get a job yet. But my parents did not have much money. Therefore I borrowed a scholarship and entered university. I took the high school friends at the university. But all my friends failed in the exam and we could not enter the same university.

College days

I am still a fourth grader in the university. I entered the Faculty of Commerce. Somehow I thought that I would become a salaried man in the future. Actually I do not know what kind of occupation I will take after graduating from college. But I do not dislike studying the economy. I also met with good friends at the university.

Why did I start this "Seichi of Anime"

One of the friends gave me a novel called "Lagos of the trip". The original author of this novel is Tsutsui Yasutaka. He is also the original author of "Tokio kakeru shoujo" (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time). "Lagos of the trip" is a work depicting the trip of one youth. That journey lasts as long as the young age from 25 to 65 years old. And his journey will not end even after the novel ends. I have never been to a foreign country before. But I was hoping to travel by being affected by Lagos, the hero of this novel. And when I was 19 I decided to take a year off from college and travel a year. Then I worked as a night shift staff daily with karaoke in Ikebukuro. I went to school from morning till evening and worked at karaoke from night to morning for a year. Although I was very busy, I could meet many good friends even at this karaoke. One of them was a very fluent English speaker, and He taught English to me.(but my English is not good yet) Then, I did not go to the university for a year, and I traveled for a year and 6 months. I went to the Philippines, China, Canada, USA, Korea and Indonesia. I have met many good friends in various countries. In particular, there were many otaku which I love Japanese anime. I think that they are reading this blog as well. Also, I was surprised that they do not know "Seichi junrei". If you like anime who do not know Seichi junrei well, please check here.
What's the Seichi junrei?
Therefore, I noticed that there is no information systematically organized about Seichi-junrei in English. So I started this blog. I love Japanese culture and anime and manga. I really want you to know and enjoy about Seichi-junrei of anime because I sincerely hope that you will enjoy anime other than watching anime. Going to Seichi is "How to go to the anime world". I love Japanese culture and anime and manga. If you want to contact me, feel free to contact me. Also,If you come to Tokyo, I can guide you in Tokyo, If I'm free and If you want. Just contact me by using Contact Form or My Twitter account.
My English sentences are very childish. However, Please look over me with kind eyes. I will do my best. If you have some advice for me, please contact me. I'd like to share information on Seichi of Anime using Twitter in the future. I have many tweets that I've played but I'd like to follow up.