”Anohana” is Chichibu【Seichi junrei】

Anohana's town is Saitama

Anohana:The Flower We Saw That Day is an inspiring story. You should have cried absolutely after watching this. This time I will introduce 5 representative Seichi places of Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. The Seichi is also the place I was born. That is Saitama Prefecture. Because of the neighboring prefecture of Tokyo you can go when you come to sightseeing in Japan. Anohana is a very nice anime make us remember our childhood. We can not remember most of my childhood memories. Anohana will evoke a little memories of our childhood childhood memories. I remembered the reason why I fell in love only when I saw Anohana and my detailed feeling at that time. Love at elementary school age was a beautiful thing with a very transparent feeling. I value myself that time very much. Anohana reminds me of my important feelings. But do not think that want to be an elementary school student. We have to look forward and gone just like everyone of Anohana. Aloso, I love Anohana's relationship with Yukiatsu and Jintan. So I would like to talk about the relationship between Yukiatsu and Jintan and Synopsis of Anohana at the end of the page. The staffs of Anohana also produced "the national anthem of the heart". if you like ”The Anthem of the Heart”, plz read this too.
Seichi of ”The Anthem of the Heart”
There is also Seichi of Nichijou in Saitama.

Real places of Anohana

1.Kyu Chichibu Bridge

This bridge is a very famous bridge among fans.This place is also in the opening song of Anohana:The Flower Saw That Day. This bridge is a pedestrian bridge, and fans can enjoy photography with peace of mind. You have to remember this bridge, too.
Image source:電撃オンライン

Image source:ネタとぴ!

2. Hitsuziyama Park

This place is also in the opening song of Anohana:The Flower Saw That Day too. The scene where Poppo(Tetsudō Hisakawa) is sitting on the fence is very memorable. From here you can see all of Chichibu city in Saitama prefecture. If you go to Chichibu city, you have to go to this park.
Image source:http://shima2cygnus.web.fc2.com

3. Around Chichibu Railway Chichibu station

This place is also used as the cover of the DVD of Anohana:The Flower We Saw That Day. You will recall the scene where Menma is walking on the fence. This place is very suitable for taking a walk if the weather is nice. Do you remember that Meiko was a girl of mixed Russian and Japanese?
Image source:しぐなす・るーむ

4.Around Chichibu Shrine

There is a sign of Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day everywhere in this town. The representative place is this shrine.
Image source:マタタビ

5.Dragon Launch Tower(Ryū-zei uchiage yagura)

The place where we all launched fireworks at the end of Anohana:The Flower We Saw That Day is here. It is a moving scene. You should go there in the summer by all means. Please also try your fireworks here. I am going to fireworks this summer.

There seems to be some other fans who are enjoying Seichi like this.⇩

【Relationship between Yuki Atsu and Jintan】

Anohana's character and chichibu are very amazing. What I especially like in the story is the relationship between Yukiatsu and Jintan.
Yukiatsu looked down on Jintan. Yukiatsu was issuing a rival heart to Jintan,
"I did not admit you as a leader from that time." 
Yukiatsu was probably defeated by the time as a primary school student. Yukiatsu said,

"It is frustrating, that guy, the high school level, the status of something, now I'm all over but I'm being swayed by him like that,"

 he said. From this remark of Yukiatsu you can see that what he lost to Jintan is his complex. Jintan was able to study and sports and was a leader of everyone. Jintan was liked by the nerd. Yukiatsu envied Jintan.
Yukiatsu struggled desperately for regret. Although all of Yukiatsu exceeded Jintan, Yukiatsu did not feel like winning. The reason why Yukiatsu does not feel like winning is because Jintan lost from himself. Jintan lost Menma and his mother and went down from himself. Yukiatsu would have been feeling unsatisfactory to Jintan. And Yukiatsu had a strong image of the popularity of the leader. I think that Jintan was level equal to myself if Jintan had no Menma or his mother's death. Also, when Anal seems to be taken to a hotel by a man, Yukiatsu said "Yeah? Anjo? Now Yadomi, etc. Let's play with you too, hey! Everyone, here!". Yukiatsu still knows that Jintan is the leader. Ultimately Yukiatsu abandoned pride and acknowledged that Jintan is a leader. The future Jintan will regain your old self. Someday Jintan will catch up with Yukiatsu. And, they should become relationships of mutual eternity rival.

【Plot of Anohana】

Six boys and girls who were good with each other when they were young are the main characters. A distance was born in everyone's mind because one girl "Menma" in that one died in the accident. They grew up to be high school students. Everyone's relationship was completely estranged. "Jintan" of the hero who failed the examination became withdrawal, I stayed at home and had only lived in bed.
One day, "Menma" that should have died at a small time appeared to Jintan. Again, "everyone" gathers and the story develops around "Menma".
"Menma" who should have died suddenly appeared to be the hero's Jintan. "Everyone" will hit the main character Jintan with each feeling. For only five people, the existence of childhood friend "Menma" was important. Everyone had their complicated feelings against her. The reason that "Menma" appeared was the reason that "I want you to make my wish come true". Everyone including the hero makes an effort to make her wishes come true. But just the main character Jintan can see Menma. Some people believed what Jintan says, others did not believe it.
The depictions of the hearts of everyone who grew compared to their childhood was very beautiful, beautiful and attractive.