Ikebukuro is Durarara!!'s town【Seichi junrei of Durarara!! part 2】

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This time I will introduce 3 Seichi of Durarara!!!! As in the previous article (Seichi of Durarara!!!! Part1), Seichi is all in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. If you did not check Seichi of Durarara!! part 1, you should check it.

Seichi of Durarara!!!! Part1

Seichi of Durarara!! is Ikebukuro part 2

Durarara!! is a popular anime set in Ikebukuro. I will introduce 3 representative Seichi this time. I will write other Seichi places in the next article. Im gonna post the URL at the end of the page. Ikebukuro is a city next to Shinjuku, so it goes without saying that it is in Tokyo. You can go to Seichi of Durarara!!!! as a sightseeing. I was working part-time in a pub in Ikebukuro for two years. There are various people in Ikebukuro and there are many people at night and day. So the author of Durarara !!!! may have made the stage Ikebukuro. This is the best scene of this anime when I know Mikado and Masaomi are leaders of opposing organizations. I did not think that a serious boy like Mikado was the leader. Actually, the main character of Durarara !!!! is Celty Sturluson. Many people think that hero is Mikado even in Japan.

Real places of Durarara!! part 2

1.Sunshine Street

I wrote about him on Seichi of Durarara!!!! Part1. It is a place where the foreigner came. Please come with friends in this place. And please take pictures with the same composition as the image below. Please print that picture and the picture below. So let's decorate them side by side in your room.
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2.Lotteria in Ikebukuro

Here is the place of Shizuo Heiwajima. The food of Lotteria is also very delicious. Please drop in when you are tired of sightseeing in Ikebukuro by all means. But please do not rampage like Shizuo Heiwajima.

3. Ikebukuro Station East Exit

This is my favorite tower. You can see this tower when walking out of the east exit of Ikebukuro station. This tower is the symbol of Ikebukuro.
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