Ikebukuro and Durarara!!【Seichi junrei of Durarara!! is Ikebukuro】

Durarara!! is a popular anime set in Ikebukuro. I will introduce 2 representative Seichi this time. I will write other Seichi places in the next article.(Seichi of Durarara!! 2) Ikebukuro is a city next to Shinjuku, so it goes without saying that it is in Tokyo. In Shinjuku there is Seichi of "your name", Seichi of the Garden of Words and Seichi of "5 Centimeters per Second".
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Ikebukuro is a city of otaku lining up with Akihabara. Akihabara has Seichi of Steinsgate. There are animate, karaoke, pub, restaurant, electric shop and aquarium in Ikebukuro. There is also a big shopping mall. You might as well go if you visit Tokyo. Durarara !! is a really funny anime. There are many attractive characters and the story is very fascinating. My favorite characters are Masaomi kida and Shizuo Heiwajima. Masaomi kida has a bright personality and I love it. He is very friendly. Shizuo Heiwajima is tough. He is very strong and his battle scene is very powerful.
Many fans of Durarara !! are going to Ikebukuro. One foreigner do Durarara !! 's Seichijunrei in Ikebukuro and was broadcast on a Japanese TV program.

Ikebukuro is Real Places of Durarara!! part 1

1.Around Ikebukuro West gate(Nishiguchi) Park

Mikado and Masaomi were trying to invite women to date on anime 3 story of Durarara !! This place is in front of the Tokyo Art Theater. This place is located in the immediate vicinity of the west exit of Ikebukuro station.
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It is a symbol of Ikebukuro. The word Fukurou means owl in Japanese. Durarara !! However this Ikefukurou appeared as a meeting place. Most Japanese who go to Ikebukuro know this place. Please do use this place as a meeting place too.
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