Toki Kake【Seichi junrei of "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time"】

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a really famous and popular anime movie. The manager is Mamoru Hosoda. His works include "The Boy And The Beast" (bakemono no ko), "Summer Wars" and "Wolf Children" and "Mirai no mirai". This time about the Seichi(holy places) of this movie.Because the stage is only in Tokyo, you can pilgrim the Seichi as sightseeing.I also love this movie. I have an original book. The original is a novel, and the author is a science fiction writer called Tsutsui Yasutaka. The contents are slightly different from movies.It is not that I read in English. lol There are 4 Seichi to introduce.I will also post a map.

Real places of Tokio kakeru shoujo

1.Tokyo National Museum 

Chiaki's time leap was because I wanted to see a painting here.Why did he want to see the painting?Please tell me if you can understand.Makoto said he would leave the paintings he wanted to see to the future.
Image source:Tabi channel

Image source:Tabi channel 

Do not you think it looks like a movie?It is a very famous museum in Japan. If you are going to travel to Japan, please do go. You can surely enjoy it. This museum stimulates your intellectual curiosity and artistic sense.
Image source:舞台探訪総研 聖地巡礼ブログ

Image source:舞台探訪総研 聖地巡礼ブログ

2.Philosopy Park park

Here is the baseball stadium where Chiaki, Makoto and Kousuke were playing baseball.I recommend you to play catchball here with your friends.You can feel like being one of the characters.

You are all very fun in Tokyo, so it is very convenient.

3.The way of parting

Makoto did not want to leave yet and was doing time leap here. After this, they were watching baseball game and going to karaoke.This is important in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.
Image source:あにたび
Image source:あにたび

The area around here is a place with many universities and other schools in Tokyo.

4.The slope 

Makoto and Chiaki are two places on a bicycle. In this scene I felt the atmosphere of love. You want a lover.There was a railroad crossing. It is the scene Kousuke is riding on a broken bicycle. Chiaki helped Kousuke and Makoto.

Ikebukuro is near here. There are nice aquariums and planetariums in Ikebukuro.Please try going there. Many people like anime as much as Akihabara in Ikebukuro.