Keroro and his friends【Seichi junrei of Sgt. Frog】

Keroro is especially loved by otaku 

Green alien who likes Gundam's plastic model is a hero of a very famous anime. His lovely personality holds the hearts of many people. Sgt. Frog is an anime for Otaku in a position like Doraemon or Crayon Shin-chan. But Sgt. Frog is characterized by not animation for children like those. This time I will introduce 2 representative Seichi of Sgt. Frog. I will introduce a frog. Do not forget that they are still planning to invade the Earth at Seichi. By the way, my favorite characters are Natsumi, Giroro and Kururu.

Real Places of Sgt. Frog

1.Ginza Wako Main Store

Ginza Wako Main Store appeared in the story when Keroro went to see strange phantom movies. Keroro is dissected if seen by humans. So Keroro asked Fuyuki to take me to Ginza so I took a movie. Keroro was in Fuyuki 's backpack in Ginza. They were traveling to Ginza by subway. Their friendship is very deep.
Image source:ジョーク、ジョーク、ジョクン

Image source:
There used to be such a train in the past.

2.Nishizawa tower

It is the tower of the house of Nishizawa who is rich and loves Fuyuki. This tower will appear in every scene of the story. Nishizawa is a lovely and cute woman. That's why I would like Fuyuki and her to be lovers. I'd like to ask the author. Anyway, this tower is cool. There is also Seichi of Atachinchi in Nishi Tokyo city.

Image source:
Image source:kazukunの神出鬼没
Image source:kazukunの神出鬼没
This tower seems to be lighted up at night! This is beautiful.