Akashi san and me and Ozu【Seichi junrei of The Tatami Galaxy(yojouhan)】

The stage of The Tatami Galaxy is Kyoto. Kyoto is a very wonderful tourist destination. There are many Japanese traditional things in Kyoto. There are also Seichi of Hell Girl, Seichi of Ping Pong and Seichi of K-ON. Historically the center of Japan was Kyoto long ago. Emperor also lived in Kyoto a long time ago. The capital of Japan is like Tokyo. But in fact the capital of Japan is not Tokyo. The Japanese capital is not officially decided. The original author is a novelist named Tomihiko Morimi famous in Japan. This anime is a very short anime as it has only 12 episodes. Character design is peculiar but I love it. You have to like it as well.
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Character design is Yusuke Nakamura famous for Japan as an illustrator. I love his paintings. "The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl" is also the original author by Tomihiko Morimi. This is also a very popular anime movie. Character design is also Yusuke Nakamura. People like Ozu appear in this anime movie too! Seichi of "The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl" is also the same as Seichi of The Tatami Galaxy (yojouhan). Both my smart wallpaper and personal computer wallpaper are his paintings. My friend often tells me that the wallpaper is fashionable. His paintings are unique and very artistic. But in his paintings, there are pictures that are too sexy occasionally. This time I will introduce 4 representative Seichi of The Tatami Galaxy.

Akashi san and me and Ozu

Everyone should love Ozu who is the key man of this story. Friends like Ozu are absolutely necessary for us. Our life will be shining more than ever with friends like him. The complicated but cute character of Ozu is very attractive. But that is not unusual. There should be people like Ozu both in my friends and in your friends.

Real Places of The Tatami Galaxy(yojouhan)

1.Kyoto University

Both Protagonist, Higuchi Seitarō, Akashi and Ozu are all students of Kyoto university here. Kyoto University is one of the highest universities in Japan, alongside the University of Tokyo. There are quite a lot of excellent people in this university. Maybe, the young man walking around this university will surely be able to speak English.

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2.Shimogamo shrine

This shrine appears in most works of Tomihiko Morimi's novel. I remember the scene where Protagonist and Akashi are talking together.This place has appeared from 1 episode. Protagonist and Higuchi Seitarō together were eating ramen. Higuchi said that he is a god of marriage. He was saying to make Akashi 's boyfriend Ozu or Protagonist.
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 The business day of this ramen shop at Shimogamo shrine is irregular. You can eat if you are lucky like them. You may also meet the god of marriage.

 3.Kamogawa Delta

Do you remember the scene where Higuchi Kentaro is playing the guitar and sing a song here? This is a very beautiful place and one of the tourist attractions in Kyoto. If you play guitar here, audience may gather. The audience may be Protagonist and Akashi.
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Image source:ぬるヲタが斬る

4.Sanjo Ohashi(Sanjo bridge)

Many couples are always sitting at regular intervals here. It is a specialty in Kyoto. They are sitting with a gap between them, but they are very interesting. Please do go with your lover by all means. If you do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend, please go to look at the couple. But please do not strike them with fireworks.
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