Akihabara is real places【Seichi junrei of Steinsgate is Akihabara】

Steins Gate is a famous anime for Akihabara on stage. Akihabara is really close to Seichi of Durarara!!! and Seichi of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time The microwave oven was a time machine. lol  They can send mail by using that microwave in the past. When you send e-mail in the past everyone's memory and the current situation will change. However, the memory of the hero Okamoto Rintaro did not change. Akihabara is said to be an electric town.
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Akihabara is real places of Steinsgate

1.Akihabara Radio Kaikan

It is a scene of 24 episodes of Steinsgate. This scene is very memorable. The place of the time machine's interview was also here! This building has been rebuilt even there is a remnant.

Image source:聖地巡礼

Image source:聖地巡礼

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2.Akihabara Station

It is around Akihabara Station. It is very close to Akihabara Radio Kaikan. This place is indispensable because Akihabara is the stage of Steinsgate. You have to go to Akihabara, Otaku city, like anime lovers.
Image source:マリオ先輩と趣味の部屋

Image source:マリオ先輩と趣味の部屋

3.Whole Akiba

The Japanese call Akihabara Akiba. Both Okamoto Rintaro and production staff also love Akiba. Akihabara has many restaurants and cafes with plenty of cute maids. Akiba is recommended for those who like Steinsgate. But it is a place recommended for those who love cute maid and otaku people. I will post a video of the maid I recommend at the end of this page.
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Image source:http://los-endos.hatenablog.com

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Cute Japanese Akiba girls 

It is a video with English subtitles. From time to time you may draw a favorite picture for me for food. They talk with their cute voice in cute gestures. When walking in Akihabara, the maid surely comes and talks with you. (They invite you to a cafe)