Real locations of "your name" in Tokyo

As you know, your name's places are exist in fact!
Your name's real locations are too many, so I wanted to summarize and make a list.

Real locations of "Kimi No na wa" 

Many of the websites that search on these keywords and appearance the top are just only introducing a few Seichi (holy places). The sacred place is in Tokyo, Gifu, Yamanashi, Hiroshima, Akita and Nagano prefectures. Makoto Shinkai was visiting these places. Here I will like to mention 14 Seichi (holy places).

This is Seichi of your name in Tokyo is here.
Summary of "your name" Locations in Gihu prefecture
Summary of "your name" Locations in Yamanashi, Hiroshima, Akita and Nagano prefectures
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Real locations of "your name" in Tokyo

1.The footbridge in Shinano-cho station

This is a footbridge in Shinano-cho station.
It is a scene where Taki can not connect the phone many times over Mitsuha and the data disappears further.
Shinjuku is very close.

2.Tsutaya of Shibuya (The scramble crossing)

These are very similar to that one. There is no doubt that this is SEICHI!!
Image source:ココにまとめて

 Shibuya is town for young people.I go to there everyday and I see many people from various countries there.There are so many many people in Shibuya.
You will be surprised.

3.Around Suga shrine

Image source:東京坂道ゆる
Image source:Anime Culture
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4.Restaurant of Taki's part-time job

When I searched by Twitter, it seems that many fans are going to this restaurant and enjoying taking pictures.

The restaurant's website in English is here →Cafe La Boheme Shinjuku Imperial Garden