Real locations of "your name" in Yamanashi, Hiroshima, Akita and Nagano

There are 3 Seichi (holy places) in these prefectures.Among them, that big lake model is also included. It is my best favorite.You definitely want to go there.

Real locations of "your name"

1.Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture. 

If you look at this, your mind will move.
Image sourceTabi chanel

 This is not great? This lake Suwa is the Seichi (holy place) of your name. Makoto Shinkai's birthplace is also here. If you like his other movies, we recommend going to this place. I think even if it is not a model of a movie, this Suwako will be a model of a very good photograph. This is a nice sightseeing spot.

He seems to be going to Hida after this tweet (lol)
Hida is also Seichi of your name⇒click me

2.Maeda Minami Station in Akita Prefecture. 

This station became a model of Itomori station. It became a hot topic that among Japanese fans it is exactly like Itomori station in the movie. This station became a model of Itomori station. Among Japanese fans, it became a topic just like the Itomori station of the movie. I think that Mr. Shinkai Makoto probably used this station and the train.

From here MItsuha went to Tokyo and looked for Taki and went. And I miss the scene again. Why do not you try going to Tokyo from this station? It is surely fun. There are notes here. You have comments from other fans. Most of them are written in Japanese, but there may be English comments. There are already many enthusiastic fans like you already done.

3.Motomachi high school in Hirosima Prefecture. 

This is a high school where Taki attended. In the movie this high school was in Tokyo, but actually it is in Hiroshima prefecture. It is difficult to enroll in this high school. Since it is an ordinary school, I do not put a map. But if you examine it, you will know the place soon.

 There are many other Seichi of your name.
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