Bakemono no ko【Seichi junrei of "The Boy And The Beast" part 1】

Anime movies of Mamoru Hosoda like bakemono no ko 

It is an anime film of director Mamoru Hosoda famous for ""The Girl Who Leapt Through Time". He is also the director of "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", "The Boy And The Beast" and "Summer Wars".please check these out
➡️💨↠⇛ Seichi of "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" (Tokio kakeru shoujo)
➡️💨↠⇛Seichi of "Summer Wars"
➡️💨↠⇛【Seichi of ”Wolf Children” 】~ookami kodomo~
➡️💨↠⇛Seichi of Mirai no mirai
At first glance the beast is a father who becomes a father of a boy and raises a boy. But this movie is a movie in which a beast and a boy grow together. It is a moving story. I expect that Mamoru Hosoda loves beasts. I would like to introduce 4 representative Seichi this time. They are in Shibuya and Nagasaki.
After that, please also read Seichi of "The Boy And The Beast" part 2. I only introduce 1 seichi here. I also have an explanation about the death of Kumatetsu, so please check it too.☞
Image source:渋谷文化

Real places of Bakemono no ko 


This is a famous scrambled intersection in Shibuya. Many people are walking this intersection every day. The story began around here. Kyūta and Ichirōhiko were Fighting here. This place will appear in many scenes of "The Boy And The Beast". Also, this place will appear in many animations. I love walking around here but there are so many people.
Image source:東洋経済オンライン

Image source:聖地巡礼特集

Image source:聖地巡礼特集
Image source:聖地巡礼特集

I'm sorry. I will introduce the other two Seichi on the next page.(´;ω;`)