Kotonohano niwa【Seichi junrei of the Garden of Words】

"the Garden of Words" is an anime film of Director Makoto Shinkai who became very famous by Director of ”your name”. He is also the director of "5 Centimeters per Second". It is the movie one before ”your name”. I watched the Garden of Words when I was a high school student. the Garden of Words of Seichi places are so many. This time I would like to introduce 2 representative Seichi places in Tokyo. And at the end of this page I'm posting a map that shows a lot of Seichi places. The Garden of Words does not leak out to other Shinkai Makoto's movies and the picture is very beautiful.

Real Places of Kotonohano niwa

1.Shinjuku Imperial Garden

Yukino and Takao met here. And here they become friends. I feel like I can meet teacher Yukino if I go to this place. But I can not meet. But this is a very nice place. I also went to Shinjuku Gyoen many times.
Image source:アストラルのつれづれ旅日記

Many fans are also going to Shinjuku Gyoen.

Image source:HatenaFotolife
Image source:超高層マンション・超高層ビル

Image source:忘れられた庭の静かな片隅

Image source:忘れられた庭の静かな片隅

I think Shinkai Makoto is very fond of Shinjuku Gyoen. Actually Shinjuku Gyoen and Shinjuku Gyoen appeared in ”your name”. Taki 's part - time job is in the immediate vicinity of Shinjuku Gyoen.
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2.Sendagaya Station

It is the station that Yukino used. She could not go to work anyhow. After that she went to Shinjuku Gyoen and met Takao. Why do not you try deepening your thoughts here? This place is very close to Shinjuku Gyoen. You can go anywhere in Tokyo by train.

Image source:Orange Smoothie

Image source:Orange Smoothie

Summary of other Seichi of the Garden of Words