Real places of Taiga Aisaka and Ryuuji【Seichi junrei of ”Toradora”】

Toradora is an anime that makes me to want to love someone after seeing. almost all Seichi of Toradora are in Tokyo. Taiga Aisaka and Ryuuji Takasu are stars. This was love and comedy. It feels youthful anime. Who is your favorite character in Toradora? My favorite is Kitamura. I will present 2 representative Seichi. Also,I will post a video and the map that are about Seichi of Toradora after introducing 2 Seichi because there so many Seichi. All the characters are very honest and human nature is high and I will be happy to watch. Everyone's feelings are also very rich. I think Kitamura is the most attractive and cool. Seichi of Toradora is Tokyo, but it is very close to Saitama. There are many Seichi of Anime in Saitama and Tokyo as well.
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Image source:キャリアパーク

Real places of Taiga Aisaka and Ryuuji

1."Shingash River" river bed north

It is the place where Kitamura found Taiga when she was going home without feeling energetic. To the extent I remember it was 14 episodes. This scene was very exciting. Taiga was shy, but she seemed very happy. At this time I fell in love with Kitamura.
Image source:ローリング廻し蹴り

Image source:ローリング廻し蹴り

 Japan Otaku (fans) is also going.

There are many other Toradora 's Seichi around here. You will know the places by yourself if you come here. Please try a walk. It is a very pleasant walking path with a river nearby.

2.Jonathan of a family restaurant

Minori's part-time job! I can not meet Minori even if I eat here. Please be careful. This is a restaurant that appeared in so many scenes. Let's definitely go if you are a fan. This place is very close to the place mentioned earlier. Please do use it when you want to take a break. Even so, she was a high school student but she used to work a lot.
Image source:しあわせの手乗りスワロー

Image source:しあわせの手乗りスワロー

3.MAP of Toradora Seichi and Seichi of Toradora movie