how old Doraemon is & real name of Dekisugi【Seichi junrei】

How old Doraemon is

I'm often asked "How old is Doraemon?" When I talk about Doraemon with foreign friends. I love Doraemon since I was a child, so I will answer it. Doraemon was born in 2112. Then it was when he was 13 years old that Doraemon came to Nobita's house. Up to five years have passed since Doraemon came to Nobita era. So it can be thought that Doraemon is 13 to 18 years old.

But Doraemon may be 28 years old!?

However, Nobita has spent every single person for ten years on an uninhabited island. When that year is added, Doraemon will be 28 years old. Doraemon is an anime that people of various age groups can enjoy from elementary school students to adults. Did you understand the age of Doraemon well? If Doraemon is 28 years old, it means that Nobita's mental age is also 10 years older than everyone. Because he spent 10 years alone on a deserted island. After that Nobita returned to the form of a child with a tool of Doraemon. Seichi of doraemon is very few. Therefore Seichi to introduce from now may not be officially Seichi. This time I will introduce three of Nobita's house seichi, school's backyard mountain Seichi and the vacant lot Seichi. Also, I love Dekisugi. So I write down knowledge about Dekisugi. Doraemon, like Atashin'chi and Crayon Shin chan, is loved by people of many ages.

The real name of Dekisugi is not Hidetoshi Dekisugi!?

In the manga version of Doraemon, when Dekisugi came out, his name was Akechi. Besides, the Fujiko Pro official says "Dekisugi's real name is Eisai.Hidetoshi possibility". His hobby is cooking. His dream is to go to Mars.
Dekisugi who became an adult is on business trip to Mars on business at work. In other words, he fulfilled his dream. He seems to be as ever as ever.
Dekisugi seems to be on good terms with everyone else. When Nobita marries Shizuka, he told Nobita, "Please make her happy."

Real places of Doraemon

1.Nobita's house

This house is in Miyazaki prefecture. Because it is an ordinary individual house, I can not put a map. I'm sorry. If you love Doraemon, you may go to Miyazaki prefecture and look for this house. If you want to, please contact me.
Image source:あのころの
Image source:八大龍王

2.the vacant lot

This is also in Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture. Takaoka city in Toyama prefecture is the hometown of the author of "Doraemon" · Mr. Fujiko · F · Fujio. That's why there are many other places about Doraemon in Takaoka city.
Image source:テレビ朝日
Image source:MATCA's backyard mountain

This mountain is located in Takaoka city, Toyama prefecture. This is officially said to be school's backyard mountain.
Image source:マイブーム
Image source:学校の裏山
Image source:live door news