jigoku shoujo real website & plot 【Seichi junrei of Hell girl 】

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Hell girl (jigoku shoujo) is anime who is a little scared and makes us think deeply about something.  This anime was broadcasted from 1 series to 3 series from 2005 to 2009.

jigoku shoujo website

I think that everyone wonders if jigoku shoujo website really exists.
This website only supports Japanese. But actually I will introduce jigoku shoujo website.☞†..地獄通信..† (jigoku shoujo website)
You can write the name of someone and send. If you send someone's name using this web site, Enma Ai may clear your resentment. ※ No one will be hurt.
It will be redirected to the official website of "Hell girl" in about 1 minute on this website. This time I will introduce three representative sites of Seichi(real places) of Hell girl (jigoku shoujo).

Real places of Jigoku shoujo

1.Fushimi-Inari Taisha

This place is Seichi of many anime. This is located in Kyoto, Japan's largest tourist city. There is also Seichi of The Tatami Galaxy (yojouhan) in Kyoto.
Image source:http://bradbury3404.blog.fc2.com
Image source:http://bradbury3404.blog.fc2.com

 2.Osore Mountain

This place is also Seichi of many anime. This place is one of the leading spiritual places in Japan.
Image source:ホクロを結んで星座をつくれ

3.Shimonita Station

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Image source:たくやのゆっくりダイアリー

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Image source:https://ameblo.jp

Plot of Hell girl(jigoku shoujo)

There are a website that allow people with a strong grudge passion to access only at midnight. This site is a simple screen composition like Google search. But those who do not have feelings of grudence on this site can not access.
Some people listen to people from rumors about how to know the existence of this site, others find it on the Internet. When you write someone's name on this site, Enma Ai will clear your resentment. In this anime the history of Enma Ai was old and around the year 1800 AD her existence was confirmed in the literature. In modern society, various people live with various grudges. However, it is very difficult to clear up resentment. Because there are laws in the world. Therefore, many people use the website to get Enma Ai to have a grudge.