Milan and Yuzu 【Seichi junrei of "Atashin'chi"】

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"Atashin'chi" is loved by people of various age groups

"Atashin'chi" is a fun family with the main anime. Seichi of "Atashin'chi" is in Nishi Tokyo City. Nishi Tokyo City is also Seichi of Sgt. Frog. Sgt. Frog is also an everyday anime although an alien appears. "Atashin'chi" is also name of everyday system. There may be special power in Nishi Tokyo City to collect something of an everyday anime. This time I will introduce two representative Seichi of "Atashin'chi". "Atashin'chi" means My house or my family in Japanese. Their composition of "Atashin'chi"  is mother, father, one daughter and one younger brother. Everyone in the family has very individuality, but it is a function that everyone has. Therefore we can sympathize with "Atashin'chi" very much. Especially I love my mother and father of "Atashin'chi". Therefore I will introduce this family at the end of the page. Also, "Atashinchi" is loved by as many ages as "Atashinchi", Crayon Shin chanDoraemon and Seichi of ”GeGeGe no Kitaro”. I wrote the introduction and analysis of their families at the end of the page.

Real places of "Atashin'chi"

1.Around Tanashi station

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2.Around Tanashi station north entrance

Atashin'chi's characters


She is a full-time housewife from Oita Prefecture. She is about 43 years old. She spoils a little son Yuzuhiko but she is a bit harsh to her daughter Mikan. But she likes father the most. She is a model of her original mother. She is a very human character. She is very sensitive to the use of money as many housewives are. She is a bright worker. She is not good at dogs.


His age is about the late 40s. He is the same Oita prefecture as my mother. Actually he has an older sister. He is a smoker and likes alcohol. He also likes gambling. He is always wearing glasses. He is very rough. He sometimes goes out wearing people's shoes. He is expressionless and silent personality. So Mikan and Yuzuhiko do not know what he is thinking. My mother is Mikan, Yuzuhiko and my father's mediator. This relationship is very typical in Japan.


Mikan is the eldest daughter of the Tachibana family. Mikan is the meaning of oranges in Japanese. The original author himself is Mikan's model. Mikan's character is very similar to her mother's character. She is a straightforward and bright personality, but we are not good at keeping time. Mikan has a bright personality but not many friends. Mikan is clumsy for human relations. Mikan is in love with Iwaki Kim in the same class at school. Mikan's best friend is "Shimi-chan" of the same class. She is very good at handicrafts. Mikan often makes a bear's stuffed animal.


Yuzuhiko is the eldest son of the Tachibana family. Yuzuhiko is a junior high school student. His hair is a natural perm. Actually he is popular with class girls but Yuzuhiko himself does not notice that. Especially Kawashima loves Yuzuhiko. Yuzuhiko 's favorite food is ramen. He often listens to music in the room. He is a very cute personality. I can not but sympathize with Yuzuhiko's behavior and way of thinking. I like the character called Yuzuhiko the most at Atashin'chi.
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