Akunohana characters【Seichi junrei of ”Flowers of Evil”】

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Manga and Anime of ”Flowers of Evil”

To be honest this anime was unpopular in Japan. But the original manga is very popular. I also have full volume. Especially the animated character design was very unique and unpopular. Some people were very appreciate, but unpopular around me. But the content is very wonderful. This time I will introduce three representative Seichi of "Flowers of Evil". But I will post a map of the summary of Seichi of "Flowers of Evil" at the end of this page. There are many Seichi places of Flowers of Evil”. Most Seichi of "Flowers of Evil" is in Tochigi prefecture. It is not far from Tokyo. Also, please be assured that Seichi of ”Flowers of Evil” will not change the animation "Flowers of Evil" nor the cartoon "Flowers of Evil". Takao Kasuga, the main character, was secretly in love with her classful girl named Saeki Nana. One day, he steals her gym clothes due to his mind. The situation was being witnessed by Sakowo Nakamura, a girl who was hated. He fell into a dilemma, he was at the mercy of an unreasonable request from Nakamura. Kasuga is suffering from self contradiction of love heart and virtue. Saeki gradually shows his intention to hide in as if to respond to him. The identity of the three junior high school students who have a complex and problematic ego intersect each other and head towards a transient episode. I really Shuzo Oshimi. He is very good at drawing adolescent conflicts.

Real places of ”Flowers of Evil”

1.Nekomachi dou

Takao Kasuga often went to Nekomachi dou.
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Image source:峠を越えたその先に
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I am sorry I could not find the map of here but if you really wanna know, just contact me.I will look for it again for you.

2.Along the Watarase River

This place will appear in the final round of "Flowers of Evil" anime.
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Image source:そうだ、聖地に行こう
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Image source:http://blog.livedoor.jp

3.Tsukasa Restaurant(dining hall)

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Image source:http://2.5jigen.com/blog

Major characters of Akunohana

Takao Kasuga

Takao Kasuga is the main character. He looks like a girl. He was a group of two years in Hikari Municipal South Junior High School. After that he became a student of Saitama Prefecture Miwa High School 2nd Class B Group. He is in love with Saeki since he was middle aged. His hobby is reading. Especially favorite of board rail "evil flower". His grades are not good. He is self-conscious, introverted, and he is frugal. He tends to make walls also in interpersonal relationships. His reputation from his classmate is not very good.
Nakamura was accidentally witnessed where he stealed Saeki 's gym clothes. And he became a slave to her. He felt intense self-hatred. At the same time he got off to a favor with Nakamura.
The frustration and construction of his ego, which shakes in illusion and anguish, becomes the theme of the story.
He entered high school. He failed in the mind with Nakamura. He has gotten away from her. He moved to Omiya. He could not forget about Nakamura. He became negative and more introverted towards his existence. He threw away the book he owned at the time of moving. He has stopped reading books since then. However, he likes to read again after seeing Tokiwa as a novelist in a secondhand bookstore.

Sawa Nakamura

She is the heroine of "Flowers of Evil". She was sitting in the seat right behind Kasuga. She is wearing glasses. She is usually expressionless and cool. When she is alone with Kasuga she expresses emotions expressively. She is a very poisonous tongue and nonsocial personality to older people. She can not avoid friction with surrounding people. She does not show her weak side at all, she emits a terrible sense of intimidation that the teacher frightens. She will not coordinate anyone. She often throws outlaws. She was over the rebellious period. She was spared out as an unintelligent problem child.
She came across the secret of Kasuga. And she threatened Kasuga unilaterally and forced obedience. Her request to Kasuga was mainly related to Saeki. However, the purpose was not to destroy the friendship environment of Kasuga. She reveals all her sexual desire and her moral desire by Kasuga herself and makes a plan to destroy everyday life filled with malaise. She is a self-proclaimed "pervert."
The author said that "Kasuga is part of me, Nakamura's character is my wife."
She entered high school and failed in the middle of Kasuga. She lived with her mother who runs a set meal shop thereafter in Chiba Prefecture. My mother said that the daughter 's present day sending his days while helping the family work "is very calm." She has become a gentle mind than before.

Nanako Saeki

She is another heroine. She is a beautiful girl and a modest personality. "Style is also good" and popularity from her boys is high. Her grades are very good and have an image of a firm honor student from the surroundings. But that's why she has a lot of troubles. Her personality is serious and conservative. She has enough common sense and sociability. But at the same time she felt emptiness in her way of being compliant with the expectations of her surroundings.
She was able to express her ego by being helped by the action of Kasuga. She began dating with him. However, as Kasuga closely watches the troubles involved with Nakamura, she keeps anxiety about the sense of distance between him and Mr. Nakamura. She was disappointed when she was shaken between Nakamura and her intention to collapse. She broke up with him once. Later, she learned the relationship building up decadent satisfaction of only two people. So she was jealous of Nakamura. And the furious girlfriend ignites Kasuga and Nakamura's hiding place.
On the next day, she self-suffers to the police on the arson incident but has not been arrested.
She moved to Utsunomiya city in Tochigi prefecture and went on to high school.

Aya Tokiwa

She is also a heroine of "Flowers of Evil". It is a second grade of Miwa High School. She is a different class from Kasuga. She is a good beauty of style and popular among boys. She had a relationship with a senior from another partner who was part time job. However, she was angry with the attitude she only saw on his face. Then Kasuga and Tokiwa joined together.
She is always surrounded by friends at school. She is prominent only in her availability, but actually she likes literature. She is a novelist aspirant. Before I met Kasuga, she did not know anyone who can share my hobbies. She is a fan of Shimada Shoji and Tsutsui Yasutaka.