Saint oniisan jesus and buddha【Seichi junrei of "Saint Young Men" 】

Oniisan means young men in Japanese. Seichi of Saint Young Men (oniisan) is actually in Tachikawa, Tokyo. Seichi of "A Certain Scientific Railgun" is actually in Tachikawa.
 ☞Seichi of ”A Certain Scientific Railgun"
Tachikawa is a beautiful and wonderful place. This time I will introduce three representative sites of Seichi of Saint Young Men (oniisan). Tachikawa has various interesting places. There is also a big shopping mall. What I love is a monorail that overlooks the business district of Tokyo from a high position. The view from the monorail is very beautiful. There is also a big IKEA. There is no IKEA in the place I live so I will go to Tachikawa when I want to go to IKEA. My friend also lives in Tachikawa so I often go to Tachikawa to meet her. Tachikawa area is also a student city so there are many cheap and delicious restaurants and cafés. Especially cheap and tasty izakaya is recommended. There is no match in taste and price at all.
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Saint oniisan jesus and buddha

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is a child of God. He got off to the human world as a vacation. Now he lives with Gautama Buddha in the human world.
Jesus Christ is a young man with long hair, beards, crown of thorns on his head. He is often told that he resembles Johnny Depp. Jesus Christ is also conscious of Johnny Depp. His thorny crown has GPS and buzzer built in, and when Jesus Christ rings the buzzer, angels fly in 5 seconds. Unlike Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ has one side like a child. That is why he has a very good communication skill. He is good at getting along with children. Jesus Christ can make miracles when he is happy and laughing at comedy, change stone and tableware to bread, turn water into wine, or treat sick people. In his blood there is protection that treats and prevents all kinds of diseases, the container that touches his blood becomes a relic from one end, that user becomes a playable character. Although Gautama Buddha is strict in hierarchical relationship of teachers, Jesus Christ does not care about hierarchical relationship. He also has a good relationship with Judah who betrayed him. Jesus Christ usually has a lot of relaxation in the room and is a considerable leisure person. As he is weak against the rides he will soon get motion sickness. Jesus Christ does not like water. In addition, he is making a blog to write impressions of TV dramas. That blog is very popular.

Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha is a young man featuring a long earlobe. Gautama Buddha is in charge of general housework. He basically does not make meat dishes. He became a frugality thanks to his experiences of penance in the era. So it's very sensitive to bargain sale and advertisements. Consumption of several hundred yen is also strict. Gautama Buddha often tries to persuade Jesus Christ to save waste. He likes home electronics. Gautama Buddha bought the latest type rice cooker using the saved money. Gautama Buddha was extremely pleased when he gave a stone oven of steam from Jesus on her birthday. Gautama Buddha is usually mature and warm. He talks about virtuous words, and when his head is angry his head glows. He is the ultimate three day shiver. He knows most things for as long as three days. He is particularly good at remodeling his body in particular. He is not good at taking pictures and taking pictures. Taking a picture of him will show the ghost approaching him as he wants to fool himself. He will get a strange angle to avoid it. Trying to take a look at his face makes him funny. He is liked by animals and plants by birth. Gautama Buddha is surrounded by animals when I am careful. He is sick and tries to become an animal's food himself when he is low in physical strength. Therefore, he sometimes wants to be hated by animals. When he is organizing a zen meditation, senior citizens and others are given gifts.

Real places of "Saint Young Men"

1.Around Tachikawa Station

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2.IZUTSUYA in Tachikawa

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3.Tachikawa Station North Exit

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