solanin taneda death【Seichi junrei of ”Solanin”】

Author of Solanin

Author is Inio Asano. In Japan, it was made into a live-action movie. That movie is more famous than the manga. But this mainga is very funny. Other manga of Inio Asano is also very interesting. His drawing girls are always very attractive. He uses tracing when drawing the background. So the landscape he draws is very beautiful, beautiful and precise. Hikari no Machi, Sekai no Owari to Yoakemae, Subarashii Sekai, Umibe no Onnanoko and Oyasumi Punpun are recommended. Especially, I read Oyasumi Punpun many times. Absolutely, I read it twice or three times a year. While reading this, my feeling will be dim, but the refreshing feeling after reading is very nice. Umibe no Onnanoko is a little sexy. The paintings of Inio Asano are very unique and attractive. I have a very high sense of his painting. His painting is highly addictive. Also, the story he draws is melancholy and has an atmosphere of giving up. But they make us addict. After having finished reading his manga there is a wonderful and refreshing feeling. Inio Asano is very good at drawing Japanese young people. I am also 22 years old. Therefore I sympathize very much with his works. I almost cry every time I read his works. I love the work of Inio Asano. I will present 3 Seichi of "Solanin" this time. Seichi of Solanin is in Kanagawa. There are some Seichi of Anime like Seichi of Ping PongSeichi of ika musume. I write about  death of Taneda at the end this page because it is too sad.

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Real places of Solanin

1.Around Inada Tamagawa Park

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2.Riverbed of Tama River

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 3.Tamagawa boat stand

You can borrow this boat for an hour if you pay 1,000 yen.
Image source:星の見える東京

Death of Taneda

Office lady Meiko and Taneda are lovers who are dating for six years. They live together in the apartment. The life of Meiko who is doing office work with Taneda who only works part-time is often passed by. Though they are living together, they have not spent much time together. Meiko was unable to find a challenge for her work and went to see the performance of Taneda 's band. After that, I went to a tavern with Taneda 's colleagues, and I felt like I returned back to school days. But Taneda told me to part with Meiko. Taneda went for a walk. Meiko found a song called "Solanin" made by Taneda in the room. At that time, Taneda called Meiko. Taneda told me, "I will continue to work while still doing my work and I want to be a lover again with Meiko." He hung up and headed to the apartment. Taneda died in the traffic accident on the way. Meiko was very depressed. Taneda's father came to see Meiko. Taneda's father told Meiko, "Do not forget him." After that, Meiko made a very hard effort and showed "Solanin" at the live house with Taneda's band companion.