Miu Matsuoka【Seichi junrei of "Strawberry Marshmallow"】

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”Cute is Justice”

 This is a catch phrase of "Strawberry Marshmallow". It is a very good word. It also matches this anime very much. When I was in elementary school I became crazy about "Strawberry Marshmallow". I remember my sister had a bad? face on me. I will introduce 3 representative Seichi of "Strawberry Marshmallow" this time. Seichi of "Strawberry Marshmallow" is located in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Also, this time the quality of each image is not good and the sizes are not unified. I'm sorry. "Strawberry Marshmallow" is a mysterious anime in which comedy and moe are gathered very well. I think most Japanese otaku like this anime. "Cute is justice" catch phrase is famous in Japan than this anime. I think that cute is justice. "Strawberry Marshmallow" is a pleasant surreal comedy anime in which a cute little girl and a relatively older sister Nobue appear. Let's see if you are not watching. It is also recommended to read manga which is the original of this anime.

Real places of "Strawberry Marshmallow"

1.Hamamatsu city

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Taxi of "Strawberry Marshmallow"!!!!!!!!!!

2.Hamamatsu Science Museum

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Image source:聖地巡礼関係まとめ

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Image source:http://as62.blog2.fc2.com

3.Anna's house

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Image source:日本全国聖地巡礼の旅

My favorite Strawberry Marshmallow's characters

Nobue Ito

My favorite character is Nobue Ito. She was a 16 year old high school sophomore in manga. It is a 20 year old college student in animation · game.
She is called "older sister" from Chika, Miu and Mari. Anna is called "your sister". The reason why her age is changed in animation and game is because "smoking · drunk · unlicensed driving" is a problem. In Japan, you can not smoke or drink unless you are over 20 years old. She has a slim character and her lifestyle is sloppy. But she is well-tolerated and is also called a boss from her friend of the same age. She has a tendency to love women girls. She is especially pretty with Anna and Mary. She likes sake and tobacco, the brand that smokes is mild seven light. She is always out of money. She was forced to debt from her sister as she was having trouble with tobacco fee. She is not good at studying. She is scared of her classmates. That's why she never got a boyfriend. When she gets angry she will mercilessly violence even with her younger partner. The weak food for her is Eggplant.

Miu Matsuoka

I also love Miu Matsuoka. She is a classmate of Chika. She is 12 years old, a 6th grade elementary school student. Born September 8. She is 144 cm tall.
From Nobue it is called "Miu". Her home is next to the Ito family. That's why she always crosses the roof and comes directly to Chika's room. She is a troublesome maker who basically repeats repeating words and blurring. When her prank is over, I will buy the anger of Nobue and Chika. That's why she is often beaten. Evaluations from her surroundings are also often "noisy" "disturbing" "want to stay still" "meaningful". But the person himself does not care about them. Even if she can see her underwear at all, she is fine. However, she wants to become big tits when she is a high school student.