King Kazuma【Seichi junrei of "Summer Wars"】

"Summer Wars" is a very popular anime movie. This time I will introduce 4 representative Seichi of "Summer Wars". The Seichi of "Summer Wars" is all in Nagano prefecture. The director of "Summer Wars" is Mamoru Hosoda. The theme of "Summer Wars" is love related to people and family. Everyone in the Jinnai family is very charming and full of goodness of old Japanese people. Kenji is a typical Japanese young person except that he is good at mathematics. It is an interesting story where the great runaway of the real world and the world of the Internet with the old Japanese family and a typical Japanese young person are in conflict. Nevertheless, Natsuki is very good. One of the biggest attractions of "Summer Wars" is her.

King Kazuma

By the way, Kazuma is very cute although he is a man. In summer it is one of the anime movies I want to watch. Mamoru Hosoda is good at making movies that you want to watch in the summer. He is also a director of "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" and "The Boy And The Beast". I have already introduced these Seichi, so please check these out
➡️💨↠⇛ Seichi of "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" (Tokio kakeru shoujo)
➡️💨↠⇛Seichi of The Boy And The Beast
➡️💨↠⇛【Seichi of ”Wolf Children” 】~ookami kodomo~
➡️💨↠⇛Seichi of Mirai no mirai
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By the way, in the summer there is a magical power to make people grow big.
Also, It was summer that I started challenging writing sentences in English.

Real places of "Summer Wars"

1.Nagano Bullet train (Nagano Shinkansen)

This is the Shinkansen which Natsuki and Kenji used when heading for Nagano Prefecture. The design of the seat is exactly the same as the design of the seat of the movie! Let's sit with the same composition as the image below and head for Tokyo from Nagano.

Image source:旅ブログ

⇩Ueda Station

2.Ueda Castle Ruins Park(Uedajo)

This castle is the house of the Kamiuchi family. It is a castle with a history. There are some real things in the story of history spoken "Summer Wars". There is a history that this castle has never stopped the invasion from the Tokugawa family twice during the Warring States Period. There are still such venerable families in the rural areas of Japan.

Image source:信州上田ロケ地ガイド

Image source:NewsWalker

 3. Ueda Electric Railway Bessho Line

Natsuki and Kenji at Ueda station moved by using this train. Rural scenery and train design are the same as actual Rural scenery and train design.

Image source:リトリップ

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⇩Ueda Station

4.Ueda City Hall

This scene is the scene where relatives of the Jinnai family are beginning to work together.

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