Eve no Jikan & Plot【Seichi junrei of ”Time of EVE”(2010) 】

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Plot of Eve no Jikan

EVE's time gathered funds to realize the English version of Blu-ray at the US cloud funding site Kickstarter. Finally, 2711 people agreed to fund and $ 215,433 gathered. This is a while for practical use of robots. It is a story about when humanoid robot, so-called Android, was put into practical use shortly. I will introduce two representative Seichi of Time of EVE this time. The information of Seichi of Time of EVE is very lack. But I put many images.
In the house of Mukasaka Rikuo there is a household orroid, Sammy. The android has been elaborately built so that it is necessary to distinguish it from a human being so, a hologram called a ring is projected on the head of the android. One day, Rikuo found suspicious points in Sammy's log.  Rikuo and his friend who is Masaki went where Sammy go. On the right side of the door "Time of EVE" and the name of the cafe were listed. They got inside, the first thing they noticed was a big sign. The rules are presented.

””We do not distinguish between humans and robots here.””

This rule is illegal in this world. Each android has feelings individually, and there are things to think about each. It is the result of artificial intelligence development. Time of EVE is a space where you can have friendship with androids. It is an important place where the androids could laugh.

"Robot 3 Principles" 

"Robot 3 Principles" appearing in the play is a famous word in the SF world. It is the principle that Isaac Asimov produced by the science fiction novelist.

・1 "Do not harm human beings"
・2 "Submits to orders unless contrary to 1"
・3 is three clauses "to protect yourself unless it goes against either."

But "Robot 3 Principles" is not "not to tell a lie".

Real places of Eve no Jikan

1. Around Sukiya Camera

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 2.Intersection of Ginza

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Eve no Jikan’s characters


It is the hero of this work, it is a narrator of the story. He lives with my parents and my older sister / naoko, and at home there is House Lyd sammy. Especially as a human common sense of this era, Samy as House Lloyd is considered as "a convenient tool" and He is careful not to handle it as a human being, but basically He trusts Sammy. His habit is gentle and irresponsible, but He has a habit of putting out what he thought soon, and watching girl's chest, etc. He is not good at reading the air in the place and He lacking in delicacy as well. However, it may show unexpected core strength. He was playing the piano until 14 years old.

Masaki (Masakazu)

A friend from Rikuo's junior high school days, called "Masaki". Due to circumstances of his father's work there is a professed that he does not possess a House Lloyd, and he is negative and lightly disdainful for the Dori system which depends on android and falls into a pseudo-romantic relationship. His father also serves as an "ethics committee". He was trusted by House Lloyd's Tex from a young age, but after his parents' divorce, He has a past hurt by Tex which has suddenly stopped opening Tex`s mouth. Although He is dry compared with Rikuo, there are parts that are likely to be emotional.


She is an android. She is a House Lloyd with the appearance of a young lady in the house of Rikuo. From the conversation in hand we can know that she is loved by Rikuo 's mother. On the other hand Rio's older sister Naoko does not like Sammy. Normally she lives and acts like a robot with expressionless expression. But she secretly became a regular customer of "Time of EVE".

My impression

This animation is a really heartwarming work, it has become a kind of metaphor which is also familiar to the present era. Especially the current person is different from myself, there are many people who negatively catch up with people who are different from many people, but this story stabs from the front straight in the part of what I really think I will come.
Why do not you look at this work first if you have not seen SF animation yet?