Ookami kodomo & Plot【Seichi junrei of "Wolf Children" 】

Makoto Shinkai created "Ookami kodomo no Ame to Yuki"

"Wolf Children" is a very famous anime movie. The stage is in Tokyo and Toyama prefecture. He, who the hero Hana loves, (wolf man) will die. But she has to raise two children with him. Hana lived in Tokyo. I will present three representative places of Seichi of "Wolf Children" this time. But she will move to the country for children who are blooded by the wolf. She lived in the savings of him (a wolf man). But she is anxious about his savings alone. Therefore, Hana will try self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency was very difficult for her. She gains growing with the help of neighboring agricultural people. "Wolf Children" is a very well expressed connection between people and people, love and mutual support. Hana 's parenting also has a very good point. I think that the theme of the core of "Wolf Children" is "growth".
"Wolf Children" is a work of Director Mamoru Hosoda. He is also the director of "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", "The Boy And The Beast" and "Summer Wars".
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He is a famous anime film director who has been drawing attention alongside Makoto Shinkai. Director Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli is already old. Many otaku are expecting their further success. I think that it is absolutely necessary to check their new work. I wrote a plot of Ookami kodomo at the end of the page.
Image source:細田守監督『おおかみこどもの雨と雪』

Real places of "Ookami kodomo no Ame to Yuki" 

1.Hitotsubashi University & Around Hitotsubashi University

It is the university where Hana passed. This college is very difficult to enroll. I can not enter unless I am very smart.
Image source:小刀&通勤快速
Image source:小刀&通勤快速

Image source:http://zyu33.seesaa.net
Image source:http://zyu33.seesaa.net

2.Mikuriga pond

This is in Toyama Prefecture. It is a very beautiful pond. There are also beautiful and majestic mountains near here. That mountain is Ame. This is the mountain where Ame found teacher and was running around.
Image source:ウォーカープラス
Image source:ウォーカープラス

3.Kamiicho-cho, Toyama prefecture

She chooses the house when she moved from Tokyo. This old private house is very similar to a model, or is it is as it is. If you are a fan it is definitely a place you want to go.
Image source:だいち
Image source:アストラルのつれづれ旅日記

Image source:「おおかみこどもの花の家」

Plot of Ookami kodomo

College student Hana (Aoi Miyazaki) fell in love immediately when he met (Takao Osawa). Eventually he decided to know that he is "Okami-otoko" who lives in the form of a human being, but Hana 's feelings never changed. And a new life is born between the two who started living together. My older sister who was born on a snow day «Yuki», my brother born on a rainy day was named «Ame».
Yuki is active and curious. Ame is weak and cowardly. At first glance it is a very ordinary family, but the children who were born were «Okami kids», with two faces, "human and wolf". While hiding that, the four families begin to live quietly in one corner of the city. Amazingly happy everyday. However, the days that seemed to last forever were suddenly deprived by the death of the father "Okami Otoko"
The leftover Hana swears in mind that it "can raise the two properly" while being hurried. And I decided to leave the eyes of urban people and move to a rural town surrounded by rich and rich nature so that the children can choose either "human or wolf" in the future.
Therefore, Hana chose Hakuba old houses built in the mountains in the 100 years. I liked that house at once, but Yuki does not like shy Ame. While watching such children, Hana set about repairing a house like a deserted house. Next to that, Yuki and Ame run around while freely changing the appearance of humans and wolves. Hana 's struggle for old houses has gradually regained its glows, becoming a place for three new lives.
On the other hand, there was also anxiety about the life that relies on the slight savings that "Okami Otoko" left. To save money, Hana tries a self-sufficient life. I borrow a book of a vegetable garden at a mobile library and cultivate a field by self-study, but the seeds and seedlings do not become fruit and wither. An old grandfather called Nakazaki (Sugawara Bunta) who lives in a village arrives under Hana who repeats the mistake, saying "If I do not go well, I do not feel like asking why". As a result of the visit, people in the village began to visit Hana's house at different times. Vegetables in the field will also grow up steadily thanks to Mr. Nasaki's guidance.
I should have avoided eye contact, but I am indebted to the villagers. Hana felt the wonder of people's connection and gratitude.