The best table tennis anime【Seichi junrei of "Ping Pong"】

The best table tennis anime is Ping Pong

No, The best table tennis anime is not a Ping Pong. Ping Pong is the best sports anime, manga. Other my favorite sports anime, manga are "Eyeshield 21", "The basketball which which Kuroko plays" "Haikyuu" and Slam Dunk. In addition to table tennis anime "Scorching Ping Pong Girls" is recommended. Unlike Ping Pong, this anime also has a cute atmosphere. As far as I know, representative table tennis anime is "Ping Pong" and "Scorching Ping Pong Girls".

Other table tennis anime

There are many other table tennis manga in Japan. But I do not know if there are versions of these translated into English. If you are interested
That website is a Japanese web site. However, there are 15 table tennis manga recommendations on the page. Needless to say, the first manga written on that page is "Ping Pong".

Real places of "Ping Pong"

Seichi of Ping Pong is located in Kanagawa Prefecture. Kanagawa Prefecture is also Shinryaku ika musume's Seichi. Kanagawa prefecture is close to Tokyo, there is also a big city called Yokohama which is beautiful and large and stylish. The night view of Yokohama is very beautiful. This time I will introduce 4 representative Seichi of Ping Pong. Also, I like the most kong wenge of Ping Pong's characters. I will write his age, career and my impressions on him at the end of the page.
Image source:トーキョーアニメ ニュース

1.Enoshima Shrine

Image source:職業:魔法使い死亡
Image source:職業:魔法使い死亡

2.Kamisuwa Shrine

In this shrine, Peco seriously resumed practicing table tennis again and ran.
Image source:
Image source:

3.Around Kamakura High School

Image source:名伏しがたい日記のようなもの
Image source:名伏しがたい日記のようなもの

4.Nyoigadake(in Kyoto)

This place is only in Kyoto. This place will appear when Kazama recalls his thoughts with my father. There is Seichi of The Tatami Galaxy (yojouhan) in Kyoto.
Image source:ジョーク、ジョーク、ジョックン
Image source:京を歩こう♪

Best cool character of Ping Pong

This is my personal opinion.

kong wenge

Image source:アニメライン

He was hired from China and he was called Chiaina. He is about 17 years old.
kong wenge was an elite player of Shanghai Junior, but he lost and studied abroad in Japan, where he was raised and raised in China in a table tennis world, and he had a sense of soul. He is looking forward to fighting against the smile because he was arrogant at first and he did not like teammate, but he gradually got along with teammate, It was also good. I thought his mother 's love for him and his feelings for him were very pure and beautiful. My favorite scene is Peco vs kong wenge, and Peco vs Kazama and Peco vs Smile were the best matches.