Why ”Eyeshield 21” is popular【Seichi junrei】

Last time I wrote Eyeshield 21's strongest character ranking and Introduction of authors. But this time I will introduce three Seichi of Eyeshield 21. Also, I will explain why "Eyeshield 21" became popular in Japan where American football is not very popular.

Why ”Eyeshield 21” is popular

Three elements necessary for popular juvenile manga

Clearly, "Eyeshield 21" was the royal road of popular juvenile manga. There are some necessary elements for popular juvenile manga. Manga that satisfies three of "effort" "friendship" "victory" becomes popular. For example, Naruto fulfills these three laws very well. Your favorite juvenile manga should surely have the charm of "effort", "friendship", "popularity". This is what is told in Shueisha publishing "Weekly Shonen Jump". Especially the charm of one piece is "effort" "friendship" "victory". The attractions of Eyeshield 21 was also "effort" "friendship" "victory". Eyeshield 21's main characters all practiced harsh exercises. I do not think they are high school students. In addition, their "friendship" was also wonderful. Especially Kurita was a very friendly character. There were many people with strong team love other than the main character. And the main character Sena Kobayakawa and his colleagues will win. They confronted no matter how strong the opponent was. They continued their efforts. Readers / viewers emotion into such a story. I also watch Eyeshield 21 once a year for all episodes. And my heart gets hot. After seeing Eyeshield 21, I get well. I think I will do my best for something.

80% of Japanese do not know the rule of American football

More than 80% of Eyeshield 21's viewers and readers do not even know the rules of American football. No one has ever played American football around me. Many of my friends are playing rugby. But American football is not really common in Japan. But Eyeshield 21 is very attractive without knowing American football rules at all. I was an elementary school student when Eyeshield 21 was broadcast. At that time all my classmates were watching Eyeshield 21. There are such magical powers in manga and anime. Eyeshield 21's characters were all very attractive and everyone was the best rival and friend. Every game had interesting sights. There were many friends I adored Youichi Hiruma around me. Many of my friends imitated Sena Kobayakawa 's way of running. Eyeshield 21 is less talked about recently even around me. Has time passed since Eyeshield 21 was broadcast? I am very sad. Eyeshield 21 came out numerous enemies. Eyeshield 21's greatest attraction is that they all had a very attractive character. Popular sportsmen have this tendency. My favorite Ping Pongalso has such a tendency. Ping Pong is also attractive "efforts" "friendship" "victory".
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Real Places of ”Eyeshield 21”

1.Tokyo Tower


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Image source:今は旅行が趣味です

2.Cross America

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3. Las Vegas