Authors of "Death Note"【Seichi junrei】

There are many places in the real death notes in Tokyo.
This time I would like to introduce five representative Seichi of DEATH NOTE. Tokyo is Seichi of many anime. There is no choice not to go to Tokyo if you come to Japan. For example Seichi of Durarara !! This is in Ikebukuro. There is Seichi of "your name"Seichi of the Garden of Words. As you think, I love Mr. Shinkai Makoto. I think that he also likes Tokyo. Anyway I do not have to talk about Makoto Shinkai. I wanna talk about Death Note. But I would like to mention Authors of Death Note at the beginning.

Authors of Death Note

Tsugumi Ohba

Authors of Death Note are Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. They are the best two people. Tsugumi Ohba is manga original author. His age, real name and sex are not disclosed. He is a mysterious genius. His debut work is DEATH NOTE. I can not believe this. He was able to think about such an interesting work in his first work. He is definitely a genius. It is said that he is cleanliness. He is going to clean his room three times a day.

Takeshi Obata

Takeshi Obata says, "I thought Tsugumi Ohba was a cool adult." Takeshi Obata is a manga artist born in 1969, illustrator. He is from Niigata Prefecture. He was 17 and received a manga award. He is also a genius. His painting is particularly good among manga artists.
Image source:デスノート壁紙

 He mainly draws manga with manga original author. Yusuke Murata, famous for One Punch Man and Eyeshield 21, has also worked as his assistant. His paintings are also very good. There are several other works of their work. What I love is Bakuman. This is too interesting.

Real places of "DEATH NOTE"

1.Near METI in Kasumigaseki

Image source:Death Note 7 episode
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2.Shinjuku East Exit

There are many other Seichi of Anime in Shinjuku.☞Seichi of the Garden of WordsSeichi of your name...etc
Image source:NAYUKING

3.Near Tokyo High Court

Image source:Death Note 6 episode
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4.Aoyama Gakuin University

Image source:Death Note 14 episode
Image source:通信機工事株式会社

5.Shinjuku West Exit

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