Best American Football Anime【Eyeshield 21's strongest character ranking】

Eye shield 21 is a very famous animation. I will introduce three Seichi of Eyeshield 21 next time.
【Seichi of Eyeshield 21】
The best American football anime · manga in Japan is Eyeshield 21. Eyeshield 21's picture is the best. Also, the characters of Eyeshield 21 are very attractive. for that reason, before introduction of Seichi of Eyeshield 21, I would like to introduce the author's' introduction and Eyeshield 21's strongest character ranking. Another very attractive sports anime is also anime called "Ping Pong". I also introduce Seichi of this anime. Please check if you are interested.
Seichi of Ping Pong
Image source:アイシールド21壁紙

Introduction of authors

The original was serialized in "jump". Both Naruto, One Piece, Death Note and Dragon Ball were born from "Jump". " Eyeshield 21 was serialized from 2002 to 2009. The author of Eyeshield 21 is Riichiro Inagaki. Eyeshield 21's drawing is Yusuke Murata. Riichiro Inagaki is not actually poor at drawing. When he writes sign for his fans, he draws the character of Eyeshield 21. In addition, Riichiro Inagaki has experience of serializing manga by himself. But when Eyeshield 21's series was decided, Riichiro Inagaki said, "I am poor at drawing, I will leave the picture to a good person to focus on the original story." Yusuke Murata, famous for One Punch Man and Eyeshield 21, has worked as Takeshi Obata’s assistant. His paintings are also very good. Takeshi Obata is responsible for drawing Death Note and Bakuman.

Eyeshield 21's strongest character ranking. 

Image source:アイシールド21 ©集英社

【10th place Kurita ryōkan】

Position: Center · Defensive Tackle
40 yard run: 6.5 seconds
Jersey number: 77

He has a gentle character. But Kurita 's huge body and strength are not Japanese. He likes American football more than anyone. He may start practicing at 2 am.

【9th Youichi Hiruma】

Image source:アイシールド21 ©集英社

Position: Quarterback
40 yard run: 5.1 seconds
Jersey number: 1

 He is called Hiruma. Hiruma has a lot of guns for some reason. Hiruma is a dangerous figure. But his calm judgment and excellent leadership has helped his team many times. His strategy is always cool, fun and fantastic.

【8th place Rikiya Gaou】

Position: Defensive Tackle
Image source:アイシールド21 ©集英社
40 yards run: 5.4 seconds
Jersey number: 70

I do not think he is a Japanese high school student. He is a monster. If he hit someone tackle, he or she will definitely make the other person inactive. Sometimes you have won the game by injuring all team quarterbacks. However, he is a prideful warrior and has a character that we can respect. He is an attractive monster.

Image source:アイシールド21 ©集英社

【7th place Takeru Yamato】

Position: Running Back / Free Safety
40 yards run: 4.3 seconds
Jersey number: 21 → 22 → 21 → 20

He is Japan's strongest American football player. His power, speed, mental and all the abilities are very high. He is called "the king" in Japan. He has an overwhelmingly superior body balance. But he says "I am incomplete as a global standard".

Image source:アイシールド21 ©集英社

【6th place Agon Kongou】

Position: Quarterback wide receiver
40 yards run: 4.4 seconds
Jersey number: 2

It is said that he is a masterpiece in 100 years. It is Japan's strongest American football player. He had a very good talent without practicing. However, He lost to Sena. Then Agon decided seriously to practice into American football.

【5th place Seijuro Shin】

Image source:アイシールド21 ©集英社
Position: Linebacker Running Back
40 yards run: 4.37 seconds → 4.2 seconds
Jersey number: 40

He is "the fastest and fastest LB in Japan's high school American football history". Shin is an "energetic genius". He always keeps training and meal management thorough.

【4th place Sena Kobayakawa】

Image source:アイシールド21 ©集英社

Position: Linebacker · Free Safety
40 yard run: 5.0 → 4.2 seconds
Jersey number: 21

Sena is the hero. He used to be poor, weak and weakest in the past. Sena has lost to a pet's cat. He was well asked for shopping by others. (Bully) So his legs were trained unnoticed. His power is very weak. But his speed is the speed of light.

【3rd place Patrick Spencer】

Image source:アイシールド21 ©集英社

Position: Running Back Safety
40 yard run: 4.5 sec → 4.1 - (light speed exceeded)
Jersey number: 20

He is called Panther. He is "a man with weightless legs." In the United States it became a representative player of American football.

【2th place Clifford D. Lewis】

Image source:アイシールド21 ©集英社
Position: Quarterback
Age: 18
40 yards run: 4.2 seconds
Jersey number: 1

He has about the same speed as Sena. Besides, he can do exact paths while running with full power. His pass is said to be "laser beam". He has a high pride. Along with Panther, He was told that it was the 2 top players of the American delegate, but he said "I am No. 1".

【1st place Donald · Obaman】

Image source:アイシールド21 ©集英社
Position: Center Defensive Tackle
Age: 18
40 yards run: 4.4 seconds
Jersey number: 69

He is called "Mr. Don". He is "a man who controls everything." We were able to stop him with Gaou who is 8th place and Yamato who is 7th place. His power is the top in this manga. His father is the president of the United States. His personality is very luxurious. He drank too much whiskey and the doctor pointed out the high blood sugar level. I do not think he is 18 years old.