Hiroshima anime 2017【Seichi junrei of "In This Corner Of The World"】

This time I will introduce four of Seichi of "In This Corner Of The World" (Real Places of "In This Corner Of The World"). But before that I will explain why "In This Corner Of The World" is the best Hiroshima anime. This anime is the best Hiroshima anime, the best anime among the anime depicting the war. I will explain the reason.

The best Hiroshima anime is "In This Corner Of The World".

I did a detailed explanation of the ending of "In This Corner Of The World" before. Because this anime contains Japanese customs and culture. Some people who are not Japanese were included in some "In This Corner Of The World" descriptions which are difficult to understand. Actually my foreign friends asked me some questions about this movie, so I explained the anime with reference to that. Please also check there.
In This Corner Of The World ending explained

Other Hroshima anime

Hiroshima anime also has a famous work named "Barefoot Gen". I think that this manga is always in the library of a primary school in Japan. For that reason many Japanese have read this manga. Of course I also read "Barefoot Gen" at elementary school. But this manga's picture is too old. Also, I think this manga is not as beautiful as "In This Corner Of The World". Barefoot gens are also very attractive. But Best Hiroshima anime is definitely "In This Corner Of The World". Also, "Fireflies' grave" is anime that portrays the famous Japanese war time. But "Fireflies' grave" is too sad. There is too little hope in this anime. "In This Corner Of The World" is not a sad anime. The main character Suzu and many people lose a lot of important things and important people. But this anime is not just sad. There is hope for "In This Corner Of The World". People in the country during the war lost any important or valued person, regardless of who in the country.

Real Places of "In This Corner Of The World"

1."Mitsukura" of Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Image source:arch-hiroshima

2.Matsushita Shoten

Image source:アニマルさんのアイモバ戦記&ときどき駅メモ

3.Maritime Self-Defense Force Kure Meeting place

Image source:この世界の片隅に 聖地巡礼 ロケ地ガイド

4.Genbaku dome

Image source:切手と文学