"Mirai no mirai" Plot and Reviews and【Seichi junrei】

"Mirai no mirai" Plot and Reviews

The main character of Mirai no mirai is a five - year-old boy, Kun-chan. He has dominated parents' love so far. But his sister was born. Her name is Mirai. Then parents can not only see Kun-chan. Mirai is still a baby. My parents must look after her. Kun-chan was jealous of Mirai. Kun-chan was angry and tried to hit Mirai. But his mother stopped him. And his mother scolded him. That's why he cried. Suddenly a man appeared in front of Kun-chan. The man told Kun-chan, "It's jealousy, I used to be the prince of this house in the past, but my bait has become cheap owing to you being born." Kun-chan realized that the man was a pet dog. After that, in front of Kun-chan, Kun-chan 's great-grandfather and his sister adult Mirai-chan and various people will appear. They will tell you a lot of important things to Kun-chan. Kun-chan learned challenge from great - grandfather. Adult Kun-chan will also come out. And he will grow bigger. Also, Kun-chan played with his child's mother. He learned that his parents were children as before. Lastly he made a fierce brawl with his parents. That's why he ran away from home. He has gone to the future Tokyo station by himself. He got lost. The stationer asked him the name of his mother and the name of his father. But Kun-chan could not answer. Therefore, the station staff can not call his parent. Adult Mirai came to help Kun-chan. He learned a lot from Mirai. She said, "We were born with various coincidences and miracles overlapping." Kun-chan got home and took primitive communication with the baby Mirai. It was an anime movie depicting the growth of Kun-chan and the growth of parents. When I was a child I remembered that the imagination was very rich.
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I watched Mirai no mirai at the movie theater today (August 4, 2018). The director of this anime movie is Mamoru Hosoda. His works include "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" (Tokio kakeru shoujo), "The Boy And The Beast" (bakemono no ko), "Summer Wars" and "Wolf Children". Actually, he supervised a movie of "One Piece" though it was not well known in Japan before. This time I will introduce my review of Mirai no mirai and Seichi of Mirai no mirai which is now known. My review is a very personal impression to the last. My friend says that he loves this anime movie. But, to be honest, I do not like Mirai no mirai much. This anime movie is for family. The target of this anime movie is a family with children. Of course, this anime has some parts I love. I most like "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" (Tokio kakeru shoujo) and "Summer Wars" in Mamoru Hosoda's work. Actually, Mamoru Hosoda does not rely on any script writer. He writes the script himself from the time he creates ”The Boy And The Beast "(bakemono no ko). To be honest, I think that the story of "The Boy And The Beast" (bakemono no ko) is terrible. Especially I think that the development and dialogue of that story was awkward. His ideal supervisory statue is probably Hayao Miyazaki. Miyazaki Hayao has all the capabilities necessary for anime film director. He is an overwhelming genius. But I think Mamoru Hosoda and Hayao Miyazaki are different. Mamoru Hosoda needs an excellent screenwriter. Mamoru Hosoda and Makoto Shinkai are expected to become people like Hayao Miyazaki. Mamoru Hosoda is particularly expected in Japan. However, he and Miyazaki Hayao have different talent. However, his script seemed to have improved a bit in Mirai no mirai. This anime movie is a work that can be enjoyed by adults although it is for family members with children.

Real Places of Mirai no mirai

This time I will introduce 6 real places of Mirai no mirai.

1.Tokyo Station

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3.Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Isogo

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4.Etchūnakamura station in Toyama prefecture


5.Greenhouse in Shinjuku Gyoen

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Image source:新宿ガイド

6.Negishi Forest(Negishi Shinrin) Park

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