Death of Momoko Sakura【Seichi junrei of "Chibi Maruko Chan"】

"Chibi Maruko Chan" is Japanese famous manga by Momoko Sakura. This is also very famous as anime. "Chibi Maruko Chan" is Japanese famous manga by Momoko Sakura. This is also very famous as anime. Every Sunday from 6 pm to 6:30 pm "Chibi Maruko Chan" is aired. "Chibi Maruko Chan" 's anime has been broadcast since 1990. ""Chibi Maruko Chan" is like "Doraemon" and "Crayon Shin chan" and "GeGeGe no Kitaro". These are loved by people of so many ages. This time I would like to explain about Death of Momoko Maruko and her life and Seichi of Chibi Maruko Chan. I write about her life at the end of this page. The work of Momoko Sakura gave Japanese children the power to think and feel many empathy and smile. I pray for her souls.
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Death of Momoko Sakura

It was announced on 27th August 2018 that Momoko Sakura had died for breast cancer at 8:29 pm on August 15, 2018. She was 53 years old. Chibi Maruko Chan is popular not only in Japan but also in Taiwan and Hong Kong and Singapore. For that reason many people in the world are mourning Death of Momoko Sakura. The average life expectancy of Japanese women is about 87 years old. The Japanese are known for their very long life expectancy, but she was 53 years old. I think that she is too young to die yet. Her work was also famous for manga and anime. But I loved her essay. She was very good at writing a smiley story. Momoko Sakura's official website told her of her death and her words.

"I have had many good things and terrible things for thirty years, but I am still happy as a writer. I am very grateful to everyone."

This word is what she said when 30 years have passed since she became a manga artist and writer. She is from Shizuoka prefecture. She is a cartoonist, a lyricist and a writer. She is still loved by many people.

What will become of Chibi Maruko Chan?

According to the announcement of Shueisha, Chibi Maruko Chan of anime seems to continue from now on. The production staff of Chibi Maruko Chan of Shueisha says like this.

"Mr. Momoko Sakura is watching us from heaven, we will make an interesting Chibi Maruko Chan"

We can relieve if people of the production staff say like this. Even the original authors of "Doraemon" and "Crayon Shin chan" and "GeGeGe no Kitaro" are actually dead already. But these animes are still loved by many people. This is certainly thanks to the wonderful production staff. They inherit the original authors' will.

Real places of "Chibi Maruko Chan" (Seichi of "Chibi Maruko Chan")

Seichi of Chibi Maruko Chan is Shizuoka Prefecture. Because the original author Momoko Sakura is from Shizuoka prefecture.

1.Tomoe River

Maruko Chan seems to come out.
Image source:© さくらプロダクション / 日本アニメーション
Image source:さくらの木の上で~海辺の街から


This is a very wonderful temple.
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Image source:地球の歩き方

3.Chibi Maruko Chan Land

The fans of Chibi Maruko chan surely visit this place.
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Image source:my旅しずおか
Image source:ちびまるこちゃんランド


Life of Momoko Sakura

She was born on 8th May 1965 in Shizuoka City, Shizuoka prefecture. "Chibi Maruko Chan" is a work modeled on Momoko Sakura herself in girlhood. She was also excellent as an essayist. Her essay collection sold very well. I also actually read four her essays collections as junior high school students. Her essay is too funny. I was reading her essay even during class. It is said that Momoko Sakura was a very mature person when he was in elementary school. She herself says 

"I resembled Tama-chan more than Maruko."

This is surprising. She has many other works left behind. Her essay collection and Chibi Maruko Chan are very famous names in Japan. all Japanese knows Chibi Maruko Chan. But her other works are not very familiar very well.