One Punch Man Japanese name

I will not write about seichi junrei of "One Punch Man" this time. I will explain about One Punch Man Japanese name this time. Also I will explain why he is named Saitama. If you want to know Seichi junrei of One Punch Man, you can know it.
【Seichi junrei of "One Punch Man"】.
Saitama is about to punch
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One Punch Man Japanese name

One Punch Man Japanese title name is "One Pun Man" (ワンパンマン) (wanpanman). "One Pun" (wanpan) means one time punch in Japanese. It is an abbreviation of English one time punch. For example, "I can win him with One Pun". The meaning of this sentence is "I can win him with a single punch." "Man" is the same as "Man" of Superman as you all know. Saitama can defeat most enemies with a single punch. It's not like an ordinary hero. An ordinary hero gets stronger with a very strict training. And they still struggle when fighting enemies. But Saitama defeats the enemy with a single punch. This is one characteristic of him. He is the strongest. Therefore, the title of this anime is "One Pun Man" in Japan. He is a great hero. But he is too bored because he is too strong. He looks like Goku. But he basically does not struggle basically like Goku. He is always seeking a strong enemy but he is not yet filled. He said"overwhelming power is boring". By the way, "Saitama" of the hero means Saitama prefecture of Japan. Saitama is a prefecture near Tokyo. There are various reasons why he is named Saitama. I will write some representative theories and reasons.

So why the hero of "One Punch Man" is Saitama?

Because the original author 's ONE lived in Saitama prefecture. This story is common sense among Japanese fans of "One Punch Man". He was born in Niigata Prefecture, but he grew up in Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture. I have been to Konosu City in Saitama prefecture several times. Konosu City is not far from Tokyo, but it is a country side. Konosu is a nice place in peace. Actually, ONE who is the original author of "One Punch Man" is very poor at painting. He published this "One Punch Man" as a web manga on the Internet free of charge. His painting was very bad. However, "One Punch Man" became very popular as his stories and characters were very attractive. It is said that more than 70 million people have accessed his website. And "One Punch Man" became manga, it became anime too. ONE is also the original author of "Mob Psycho 100".
There are more than one origin of Saitama's name. The strong theory is the abbreviation for "the strongest egg". "Strongest egg" in Japanese is called "Saikyō no tamago". If it abbreviates "Saikyō no tamago" it will be Saitama. That is, it is the theory that his father was the strongest. Saitama's head is also shaped like an egg. By the way Saitama had hair. However, he became strongest and at the same time his hair faded and became baldness. That's why his head looks like an egg. Do you know why?  The hair is called "kami" in Japanese. "Kami" also means "god" in Japanese. For that reason Saitama have lost his "kami" (hair) because he gained the power of "god". Many Japanese fans of "One Punch Man" believe this story.
Saitama had hair in his youth.
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The protagonist of "One Punch Man" is Saitama

How he became so strong

He only made muscle training what he did to become strong.

· Push ups 100 times
· Sit-up 100 times
· Squat 100 times
· Running 10 kilometers
·Regardless of summer and winter, air conditioning is prohibited

He has kept these training daily for three years. And he became the strongest. Is it possible for people to become strongest by themselves? I think it is impossible. It seems that many people think so. For that reason, some fans consider Saitama is actually a monster. But he also has some weaknesses.

Saitama's weakness

As you know, his weakness is not so much but I will list his weaknesses as far as I know.

He can not fly freely to the sky

Although he has a great jumping power he can not fly freely to the sky. He is the strongest but does not have wings. The world of One Punch Man is different from the world of dragon ball. Even he is the strongest, he can not fly the sky freely.

He can not breathe in outer space

Also, he can not breathe in the universe. Besides that he is poor at playing games and is concerned about baldness. Like the picture below, he does not breathe in space. But he can return from Earth to space safely from space. Is he a human?
Saitama can not breathe in the universe.
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