Shinsekai yori review【Seichi junrei ”From the New World”】

Review of "From the New World" (Shinsekai yori)

The original of this anime is a full-fledged SF novel. This novel has won the traditional Japanese SF award. The original author is Yusuke Kishi. He also writes horror novels and other things. Many of his works are very popular in Japan. Some of his work has been made into films. (It is not anime.) For this reason the story is very good at this anime. Recently anime which is only cute girls anime of popular character is popular. However, this anime has attractive characters, but the story is the most attractive anime. This anime depicts Japan after 1000 years. People have super powers. When you watch this anime to the last a little you will be depressed. Also, "From the New World"(Shinsekai yori) can make many things deeply think. super powers have appeared in modern times, the world after 1000 years has passed since this anime. It is a story that seriously thought about "What will the world become like if there are more people with super powers?" Also, at the end of the page I will write an introduction of Attraction of "From the New World" (Shinsekai yori).

Attraction of "From the New World" (Shinsekai yori)

Saki Watanabe's father is the mayor and the mother is a librarian in the library. She is curious. She has a strong mental power. She likes Shun Aonuma. I became lover with Maria when she was 14 years old. This is homosexuality. Anime where homosexuality comes out in such a serious form is unusual. Besides, Shun Aonuma and Satoru Asahina were also lovers. This is also homosexuality. They kissed when they were 14 years old. This anime expresses beauty that love does not concern sex. Only the person who watched to the end can know the real charm of this anime. I understood a little when human love and cruelty saw this anime. Man is beautiful and ugly.
This time I will introduce 4 representative Seichi of "From the New World".
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Shinsekai yori's places

1.Minami Asagaya

"From the New World" (Shinsekai yori) This is a scene of 1 episode. Suddenly it is a scene where the ESP has appeared 1000 years ago (Hyundai). There are many Seichi of Anime in Tokyo.☞Seichi of your nameSeichi of "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time"Seichi of the Garden of Words...etc
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 2.Ōyama Senmaida

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3.Iriya · Ochiai village editing(Abolished village)

In Japan, "abandoned village" and "ghost town" are very popular tourist attractions recently. Abolished villages and ghost town have a unique atmosphere. It is very attractive to those who like photography.
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