"I want to eat your pancreas" anime review【Seichi junrei】

The original of "I want to eat your pancreas" (also known as "Kimi No Suizou Wo Tabetai") is a novel that was released in 2015. This is a very popular novel. The original author is Yoru Yoshino. In 2017 "I want to eat your pancreas" became a live - action movie. It was also very popular. At that time "Kimi No Suizou Wo Tabetai" was abbreviated as "Kimisui". That word was prevalent in Japan. And in 2018 "I want to eat your pancreas" became anime movie. This time I write a review of anime movie of "I want to eat your pancreas" and why "I" want to eat your pancreas. I will also write Seichi junrei of "I want to eat your pancreas". If you do not know Seichi junrei, you should read this.
What's the Seichi junrei?
(C)君の膵臓をたべたい アニメフィルムパートナーズ

Review of "I want to eat your pancreas"

"There is still no name in the relationship between the two people" "Secret" of a popular girl who knows only "I" of a solemn high school student who is not interested in others.

These are catch phrases of "I want to eat your pancreas" in Japan. This is very beautiful. I could not think of this shocking title as a big hit. But "I want to eat your pancreas" is a story loved even when it comes to all forms including novels, live-action movies and anime. In the beginning I think I will write in detail the plot of "I want to eat your pancreas".

Plot of "I want to eat your pancreas"

The hero's "Boku" (I) is an ordinary and senior high school student. He does not talk to any classmates. He is not interested in anyone. No one is interested in him. One day he picked up the diary of Sakura Yamauchi. That diary was written about the disease of Sakura Yamauchi. Only her family knew about her illness. He was the only non-family person who knew her illness. For that reason, he and Sanukura Yamanouchi became intimate. Sakura was a disease of the pancreas. Sakura's life expectancy was a little later. She had some "things I want to do before I die". That's why he decided to cooperate with her "I want to do before his death". He who was unable to get interested in people is gradually complemented by his lacking mind by becoming intimate with Sakura Yamauchi who is innocent and has bright personality. The two persons who completely oppose. They respect each other, they adore each other and needed each other. But their relationship is a little different from love. Their innocent relationship impresses us. He was trying to keep engaging with her until the moment Sakura died.
(C)君の膵臓をたべたい アニメフィルムパートナーズ


You can not stop crying while watching this movie. Because the hero's favorite person is sick. Actually, she will die. A lot of fans saying "I want to eat your pancreas" of anime is much superior to "I want to eat your pancreas" of novels and live action movies. Especially it is reputed that the flow of pictures and stories is very good. Mahiro Takasugi who played the hero's voice actor is not a voice actor but an actor. His performance was a bit unpopular. But the depiction of cherry blossoms is an anime of fluffy Japan. It was very beautiful and impressive. I also think Sakura Yamauchi of anime was very cute and attractive. After all the pure girls are very cute.

Why do you want to eat your pancreas?

In Japan there is a proverb "Drink the dirt of the nails". The meaning is  to take a lesson from (a wise person). Hero of the hero sent the following e - mail to Sakura. This is the last email he sent to Sakura. Nobody knows whether she read this at this time.

"I want to drink the dirt of your nails, but for me and you it is a too common word, I want to eat your pancreas."

I cried. He got her diary again after Sakura died. At the end of her diary her posthumous writings was written. There was written that "I want to be like you". Also in the diary she wrote "I want to drink the dirt of your nails. But I want to eat more your pancreas". Sakura's mother let him show Sakura's mobile phone. She was reading his mail before she died. In other words, the meaning of "I want to eat your pancreas" means "I want to be like you" or "You need me."

Real places (Seichi) of "I want to eat your pancreas" 

Seichi of "I want to eat your pancreas" is Toyama prefecture. This is officially announced. But now there are not much information. So in future I will update Real places (Seichi) of "I want to eat your pancreas" from time to time.

1.ikkousha near Hakata Station

This is not in Toyama Prefecture. It is Fukuoka prefecture.
(C)君の膵臓をたべたい アニメフィルムパートナーズ
Image source:食べログ

2.Takaoka Station

This is Toyama Prefecture. There seem to be many Seichi of "I want to eat your pancreas".