BLEACH live-action review

BLEACH became a live-action movie in Japan. Recently live-action movies of manga and anime have become very popular in Japan. However, live-action movies of many manga and anime have low quality and fail. This time I will introduce Bleach's live-action film review and plot.
 (C)久保帯人/集英社 (C)2018 映画「BLEACH」製作委員会

Plot of BLEACH live-action

The story from manga's Bleach 1 volumes to 7 volumes. Rukia comes to Ichigo and he becomes Shinigami. After that Ichigo is active to protect everyone as Shinigami. But Renji and Byakuya come to Rukia. Ichigo fights Renji. Renji was as strong as Ichigo. But Byakuya is much stronger than Ichigo and Ichigo is defeated. Then Rukia was taken to them. And Ichigo and his companions lost memory about Rukia. However, only letters Rukia wrote in Ichigo's textbook remained. Ichigo saw it and remembered something. And this movie is over.

No Kon, Chad, Orihime and Yoruichi

But many important stories are omitted. For example, this movie does not have a story where Orihime is attacked by her older brother's hollow. Also, Kon does not come out. Yoruichi does not come out either. Neither Orihime nor Chad will awaken to abilities. They are ordinary people in this movie.

But there was a nostalgic word

Isshin Kurosaki said "My wife was a woman who could protect her child and die." This is a very good quote among BLEACH.

The way of the end of this movie was very thoughtless. Perhaps there is a sequel.

Review of Bleach live-action

To be honest, many Japanese, including me, are tired of making Japanese anime and manga live-action movies. I do not want to watch anymore. Many manga and anime live-action movies have failed. This is blasphemy or insult to the original. This is offending old fans. I do not think live-action movies of anime and manga will make great profits. I do not understand why live-action movies of anime and manga are popular in Japan. However, some movies have succeeded in making several live-action films. I would like to introduce it again next time.
 (C)久保帯人/集英社 (C)2018 映画「BLEACH」製作委員会

I think that this movie was more interesting than I expected. As mentioned earlier, many Japanese, including me, have not expected anything to realize anime or manga live action. So it was more interesting than I expected. But that does not mean that this work is very good. This work too much omitted the important BLEACH story and setting. I am satisfied with the composition of the story of this work. However, it is very disappointing that none of this work "grown" as one person. "Growth" is a necessary element for an interesting story.
Also the costumes and atmosphere of the performers were the worst. They seemed as if they were doing cosplay. I think that the amateur 's cosplay is still better. BLEACH anime and manga most fascinating elements are also excellent 'Pictures' like it.↓
Image source:「BLEACH」
After Rukia was taken to Byakuya and Renji, she will be sentenced to death. This is the scene where Ichigo came to help Rukia then. The composition and directing power of this picture is wonderful. This is very good. Unfortunately I could not find such an excellent "picture" in this movie. This movie does not have the most wonderful elements of BLEACH. The action scene was neither good nor bad. Although there was force of the action scene, I did not feel special charm.

The Seoul Society did not come to work at all.

I was very disappointed with this. If America's production company did Bleach's live-action film rather than Japan, I definitely believe that Seoul Society come out in this movie. For example, Sota Fukushi who played Ichigo this time is very popular among women in Japan. Many of his fans do not go to movie thater to watch BLEACH. They do not want to watch a movie but they want to watch Sota Fukushi. For them BLEACH does not matter.