"Hell girl" will be Live-Action Movie In 2019

This time Seichi junrei of "Hell girl" is irrelevant. This time I would like to introduce the director of the live-action movie of Hell girl and the main actor who is Tina Tamashiro. If you are interested in Seichi junrei of "Hell girl" please check this.
(C)地獄少女プロジェクト/2019 映画『地獄少女』製作委員会

"Hell girl" will be Live-Action Movie In 2019

This movie will be released in fall of 2019. It is probably between September and November. Actually, "Hell girl" has already been live-action in Japan in 2006. It was a TV drama of 12 episodes in all. Many people have not watch the drama because the broadcasting time was late at night. That TV drama was like this. ↓ ↓
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It looks that the quality is very low due to the 2006 drama. It sounds like an amateur. But this drama was popular. Some people who like this drama are not glad about "Hell girl" live-action movie.

Plot of Hell girl(jigoku shoujo)

There are a website that allow people with strong grudge passion to access only at midnight. This site is a simple screen composition like Google search. But those who do not have feelings of strong grudge passion on this site can not access.
Some people listen to people from rumors about the existence of this site, others find it on the Internet by thmself. When you write someone's name on this site, Enma Ai will clear your resentment. In this anime the history of Enma Ai was old and around the year 1800 AD her existence was confirmed in the literature. In modern society, various people live with various grudges. However, it is very difficult to clear up resentment. Because there are laws in the world. Therefore, many people use the website to get Enma Ai to have a grudge.

Hell girl website 

I think that everyone wonders if jigoku shoujo website really exists. This website only supports Japanese

●Kouji Shiraishi

The director is Kouji Shiraishi. He is famous in Japan as a superior horror movie director.
He said, "I think this movie will be a masterpiece, it will not lose to the original energies of the original. we have been blessed with great actors and good staff, and this film has various elements. Element and beauty element of the movie, which is not a simple horror movie, but a youth movie".

●Tamashiro Tina

She plays Ai Enma. She was born on October 8, 1997. She is a Japanese actress, fashion model. I will explain her career and her enthusiasm for this movie.
Tamashiro Tina
映画『PとJK』に出演する玉城ティナ (C) 2017 「PとJK」製作委員会 
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Her career

Her father is American and her mother is Japanese. She came into the entertainment industry by accidently being scouted to the president of the office. In 2012 she became a fashion model with a very popular magazine for Japanese women. From 2014 she began to appear as an actress in a TV drama. So she began appearing in the movies from 2015. The goal when she graduated from high school was to co-star with her friends in the movies. Her blog is very interesting. She writes a unique poetic sentence. I like that. It is Japanese, but if you are interested please check it.☞Tamashiro Tina's blog Maybe, if you study Japanese a bit it is not so difficult to read even it is Japanese sentences.

Her passion for this movie

She said "Hell girl is famous for my generation like everyone knows, so when I first heard that I will play Ai Enma, I was very surprised, I'm going to share the director's thought Hell girl deeply I will make the movie a good piece of work and I will train as if the viewer feels like I came from hell. "