the secret of Hina's power【Seichi junrei of Hinamatsuri】

I wrote in detail how Hitomi Mishima was excellent before. I analyzed her life, personality and work. With this you can learn more about her excellence.
Hitomi Mishima's age and work
Hinamatsuri is a very funny comedy anime. I love as much as Nichijou. I would like to explore why they, including Hina, have very strong power and why they are superhuman and the secrets of their power. But I am checking all anime and manga of Hinamatsuri, but I do not have enough information yet. I want to update from time to time. Actually Hinamatsuri's original work has existed for nearly 10 years. Whenever we watch Hinamatsuri we will laugh at necessity. But I do not know why Hinamatsuri is so funny. Hinamatsuri is a surreal and really funny. In addition, this time I would like to introduce 3 of Hinamatsuri's Seichi (Real places of "Hinamatsuri").
Image source:©2018 大武政夫・KADOKAWA刊/ヒナまつり製作委員会

About Hina of "Hinamatsuri"

She is very cute. Hina seems not to be a good girl compared to Anzu. But her expressionless face are popular among fans. Also, she can not do anything alone. She can not live without Nitta. But her personality is very very relaxing. She is more calm than anyone in any situation at all times. That is her good point. I think that the number of Japanese who commit suicide will decrease if many Japanese people are like her. Besides that she is a very pure personality. She is a very kind girl.

Relationship between Hina and Nitta

Image source:©2018 大武政夫・KADOKAWA刊/ヒナまつり製作委員会
She and parents are supposed to be parent and child on the surface. First Nitta tried to drive her out of the house. But he could not do that. Hina is a superhuman.
After that Hina collapsed the office of Yakuza, the enemy of Nitta. Nitta thanked Hina. Thus they decided to live together. People who know the relationship between real Nita and Hina are limited. There are only people like Anzu and Mao who have the same superpowers as Hina. Also the organization that had Hina in the past knows that like Ikaruga. Other people think Hina and Nitta are real parent and child. For that reason Nitta can not play with girls. However, by living with Hina, the evaluation of Nitta as a Yakuza is getting higher.

Hina is a superhuman 

Actually she came from the future. Her superhuman abilities were top class among organizations. Her superhuman abilities are far stronger than Anzu and Mao's superhuman abilities. She seems to have been disgusted by being used by adults.

Why has Hina come from the future?

She runaway and destroyed a city in the future. That is why she has been kicked out of people of the future. Her superhuman abilities were said to be the best masterpiece. But she can not control it well. For that reason she is easily runaway and Nitta is in trouble.

Real places of "Hinamatsuri"

1.Ikebukuro Station

Image source:©2018 大武政夫・KADOKAWA刊/ヒナまつり製作委員会
Image source:でんしゃ観察レポート


2.Skip street

Image source:©2018 大武政夫・KADOKAWA刊/ヒナまつり製作委員会
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3.Hidakaya in Ikebukuro