【Hinamatsurti】Hitomi Mishima's age and work

About Hitomi of "Hinamatsuri"

Hina is always asleep during class. She is a problem student. For that reason, Hitomi takes care of Hina at school. Because her seat is next to Hina. She was an ordinary and excellent student until Hhina entered. However, she can't say "NO" like many Japanese people. Especially Hitomi's adaptability, dexterity and learning speed are very good.
I wrote about the secret of Hina's power here. Please check it.
The secret of Hina's power and Seichi junrei of "Hinamatsuri"
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"How old is Hitomi of "Hinamatsuri"?"

My American friend loves Hinamatsuri. He asked me how old Hitomi is. There are many times I also want to know the age of characters of anime. My other friends wanted to know the age of Doraemon.☞How old Doraemon is
Hitomi Mishima's age is a very mystery. Because she works a lot. Her skills are far superior to many adults. But she is a junior high school first grader. Her age is the same as Hina. Hitomi Mishima was 12 to 16 years old. Because they have grown from junior high school students to high school students. But her age is very surprising. I think that everyone knows why many people are surprised that she is young. That is because she is too excellent in every way. I will summarize her work. With this you can learn more about her excellence.

Hitomi Mishima's work

Become a bartender but she was junior high school students

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She is a junior high school student, but she was a bartender at Utako 's bar. Hitomi and Hina were looking for Nitta. They went to Utako's bar. When Hitomi was alone in that bar, the customer came to the bar. Hitomi had no choice. The customer taught her how to make cocktails. With this, she became a bartender.

Junior high school student living alone in a high-rise apartment

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Hitomi was better than Utako as a bartender. The sales of Utako's bar has improved very much thanks to Hitomi. In order not to let Hitomi quit the bartender Utako made her live in a high rise apartment. The view from that window is very beautiful. I think that the rent in this apartment is probably very expensive. I think Utako is very profitable because of Hitomi.

She was a junior high school student and had seven part-time jobs

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We must not work part-time in Japan until you are 16 years old. But while she was a junior high school student she was doing seven part-time jobs.
The contents of part-time jobs of her is as follows.
· Waiter at restaurant
· Office work in the company
· Event staff
· Staff wearing an costume
· Family teacher
· Window glass cleaning staff for buildings
Because her ability was very high I was able to do a lot of part - time jobs while attending school like this.

She can speak English fluently

She worked too much. She did not have a holiday. So she went to America to study abroad for two weeks. But her arrival place was a special training place.
Hitomi's English proficiency is as follows.
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Image source:©2018 大武政夫・KADOKAWA刊/ヒナまつり製作委員会

High school student but CEO

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There were many fans in Hitomi. They went to Utako 's bar to meet Hitomi. So her network is very wide. The president of her acquaintance said to her "I want Hitomi to be the president of a subsidiary." She can not say "NO" to a person. She became the CEO. She is a genius who works every day as a president while going to high school everyday.

Her father joins her company

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It is very common for a son or daughter to join a parent's company. However, I have never heard of a case where my parents join a daughter's company. Her father has very mediocre ability. It is doubtful whether it is Hitomi's father. Her father was very surprised when Hitomi and her father met at the interview. The company president is very similar to his daughter. She is his daughter. He hurried home to make sure this president was not his daughter. But she also went home early on expecting that he would go home in a hurry. Therefore, her father does not know that she is the CEO. After all, her mother asked Hitomi "Please let him join your company". He joined his daughter company.


She is perfect. She can do anything. But she is a typical Japanese personality who can not say "No" to people.