Nichijou male and female characters list

I said "Best comedy anime" Nichijou "before. But my opinion changed a bit. I think that "Nichijou" and "Hinamatsuri" are as much funny. This time I will introduce many gender characters of "Nichijou". Recently the number of anime which don't have male main characters is increasing. if you really love "Nichijou", you should check this too.
Seichi Junrei of "Nichijou"
Everyone of Nichijou is gathering
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Nichijou male characters list

There are not many male characters in this anime.

Tsuyoshi Nakanojo

He is Tsuyoshi Nakanojo
His hair style looks as if it is bad boy. But he is a very gentle person. His hairstyle is heredity. His future dream is scientists. He has been to Osorezan's temple to deny non-scientific things. His parents are Daifukuya. Daifukuya is a shop selling Daifuku. Daifuku is a Japanese sweet with sweet bean paste wrapped in rice cake. He dislikes scientific things. His parents want him to succeed Daifukuya. But his future dreams are scientists. Therefore, he is rebelling against his parents.


He is Tanaka
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His hair style is peculiar. Actually his hair is a wig. He is a close friend of Tsuyoshi Nakanojo. He is a very cheerful personality.

Kouji Sasahara 

He is the leader of the theater club. He always wears glasses. But his glasses are fake glasses. He is the eldest son of a normal farmer. His house is not rich. But he is always following his followers. His wording is like a samurai. He is going to school on a goat. He is loved by Mio.
He is Kouji Sasahara 
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Daiku kenzaburō

He is Daiku kenzaburō
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He founded a club called Igo Football Club. He thought that such a competition does not exist. However, he was surprised as this game actually existed. His house is very wealthy. He often solves problems with money. Coffee shops and convenience stores that appear in "Nichijou" often have the name "Daiku".

Makoto Sakurai

He is Makoto Sakurai
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He is the younger brother of Sakurai Izumi Teacher. He is an experienced person of Igo football. His technique is very advanced. He surprised Daiku kenzaburō. He knows Takasaki is in love with his sister. He has obscene books.


He is principal
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He is disliked by head teacher.He wants to become friends with head teacher. Actually his hair is all wig.

Nichijou male female characters list

This anime has a lot of pretty girls.

Yuuko Aioi

She is Yuuko Aoi
Image source:livedoor
Yuuko is a girl who attends High School. Yuuko is very good with classmates 'Mio' and 'Mai'. They often act together. Yuuko is a very pretty funny girl. She has the power to brighten up the surroundings. Yuuko is an obedient straight girl with a straight impression. On the other hand, Yuuko is not very good at studying. She does not do her homework very often. Yuuko does not study even the day before the test. The future dream of Yuuko as a child was to become lizard.
Image source:プチオタク中年(厨年?)の生き方
In this scene we realized that the future dream of her childhood is to become a lizard. Sometimes Yuuko plays a poem of mind. Yuuko is called "Yukko" from everyone.

Mio Naganohara

She is Mio Naganohara
Image source:livedoor
She is Yuuko's best friend. She looks like a "decent" character as opposed to Yukko. She is good at studying, but I am not good at exercising. Actually, I love Boys Love Otaku. Sasahara-senpai is also in love. Her hobby is drawing manga. Mio is very good at drawing pictures. But since the content of her manga is a boys love it can not be shown to people.

Mai Minakami

She is Mai Minakami
Image source:livedoor
Mai is a very reticent girl. However, communication is not good. She is a very strange personality. Because of its character, Mai often brings things in an odd direction. Mai loves mischief very much. Yukko, Mio and Mai are friends 3 people. Mai is the most strange among them. She can learn a lot. Mai likes animals very much. Her pets are a cat and two dogs. Also, she likes statues of Buddha. (There are no friends who love Buddha statues by my friends)


She is Hakase
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Hakase is an 8 year old girl. Hakase made Nano. Hakase means scientist. Hakase loves snacks, sharks and cool things. Nano is angry when Hakase eats too much candy. Hakase is an excellent scientist. But the character of Hakase looks like a child itself. But I think Hakase is very deep and the material looks like a deep person. Perhaps the author seems to think that "a child seems simple at first sight and realizes various things".

Nano Shinonome

She is Nano Shinonome
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Nano is a robot girl living together with Hakase and Sakamoto at Shinonome Laboratories. Hakase made her. I think that Nano is the most gentle and loving character among Nichijou's characters. She looks like a very mature personality. Nano is careful not to see himself by robots and others. But Nano's back has a large spring. She wants Hakase to remove it.


it is Nichijou's cat Sakamoto
Image source:ameba
Sakamoto is a black cat. Sakamoto was a thrownback cat. Sakamoto was picked up by Hakase. Right now I live with Hakase and Nano at Shinonome Laboratory. He is wearing a red scarf on his neck. So you can talk about human language. Of course, this red scarf was made by Hakase. Sakamoto is a parent of self-proclaimed Hakase and Nano. It is his job to educate them. But he can not resist the instinct of a cat.