"Penguin Highway" (2018) review!!!!

I am a fan of the original author Tomihiko Morimi. I have read all his novels. Some of his novels are animated. His writings are very unique. This time I watched "Penguin Highway" so I would like to write a review of that in detail. If you are studying Japanese, I encourage you to read his novel. For those studying Japanese his novels may be a bit difficult. But when you can read this, you can understand almost all Japanese sentences. I have already introduced Seichi junrei of "The Tatami Galaxy" (yojouhan) which was originally written by Tomihiko Morimi. I will be happy if you check it too.
【Seichi junrei of "The Tatami Galaxy"】
The poster of "Penguin Highway"
(C) 2018 森見登美彦・KADOKAWA/「ペンギン・ハイウェイ」

"Penguin Highway" Review 

First of all I write a synopsis of "Penguin Highway". Director Hiroyasu Ishida is 30 years old. His first long-length anime movie is "Penguin Highway". The hero is a boy named Aoyama, a 4th grade elementary school student. He summarizes what he is wondering everyday. His goal is to become a "fine adult". One day, a large amount of penguins appeared in the town where he lives. This is impossible. Wild penguins are not in Japan. While deepening exchanges with the woman who is a dentist and a dental assistant, they try to unravel the penguin mystery. And in fact he notices that the woman has an important secret. Finally, all the mysteries are solved and the story finishes quietly.  "Penguin Highway" was filled with "cute". Of course the penguins are very cute. Aoyama and his friends boys and girls are also very cute. They are pure. The woman is also very cute. The boy called Suzuki is a little mean. But he is also a child. He is also cute for us who are adults. Also, the picture of "Penguin Highway" was very beautiful. It was very impressive. Especially the second half of the story was too wonderful. "Penguin Highway" is an anime movie to watch in a movie theater. 
Aomine is watching lots of penguins
(C) 2018 森見登美彦・KADOKAWA/「ペンギン・ハイウェイ」
Aoyama with the question "Where are the penguins come from?" Will remind us of the most important things. They are elementary school students, so we can face doubt and pure. They are like researchers who take the Nobel prize. I noticed that I had lost that purity unnoticed. And I realized again that being pure is a beautiful thing. For example, when I was a child I was thinking seriously "how was this world born?" I could not find the answer. I did not understand why the big bang got up and the universe was born. And I did not think about such a thing anymore. This story and all the mysteries are very cleverly created. It was a wonderful anime movie. It is the most wonderful anime movie of the summer of 2018. Especially "Penguin Highway" had some very attractive quotations.

Quotation of "Penguin Highway"

The woman is stroking the head of Aomine. Aomine is watching her boobs.
(C) 2018 森見登美彦・KADOKAWA/「ペンギン・ハイウェイ」

"When you get angry, you should think about boobs. Then your heart will be very peaceful."

This is what Aoyama said. I can not believe he is an elementary school student. He is a genius who was able to notice this in elementary school fourth grader. I noticed this at the age of 20.

"Every day I learn about the world and become better than I am yesterday."

This is what Aoyama said. I am wondering whether there is such an elementary school fourth grader. This is correct. We should respect Aoyama.

"Write down all the things that are relevant to the big paper, so that important things can be seen at a glance"

Aoyama 's father told Aoyama this. He taught his son about the importance of listing things. This is very important for thinking about something.

Who is the woman?

She can make a penguin appear. But when she is out of shape she makes Jabberwock appear. Jabberwock eats penguins. Anyway, this question is understood from Tomihiko Morimi's author's nature. In many of his novels women are enigmatic. Some people call Tomihiko Morimi a virgin writer. For men women are mysterious. I think she was mysterious to express it. She is certainly not human. She is a mystery. And she works with the ocean.
the woman is holding coke
(C) 2018 森見登美彦・KADOKAWA/「ペンギン・ハイウェイ」