【Seichi junrei of "The Boy And The Beast" part 2】

Real Places of Bakemono no ko

In Seichi of "The Boy And The Beast" last time Seichi's introduction was not enough, so I will introduce 4 Seichi of "The Boy And The Beast" (Real places of Bakemono no ko) this time. This time Seichi is surprisingly similar to anime. If you go there, you can go to the world of anime. This is "How to go to the anime world". 

1.Gunkanjima (Hashima)

This is also Seichi of "Mirai no mirai". Gunkanjima is in Nagasaki prefecture. Mamoru Hosoda may like this place very much. This is a famous sightseeing spot for many Japanese people. Because here is a very beautiful place.
There are beautiful beaches and Inasayama in this place. Inasayama is also in Nagasaki city in Nagasaki prefecture and it is close to Gunkanjima. From Inasayama you can see a very beautiful night view. That night view is one of the 3 best night view of Japan. Please come to Nagasaki prefecture with peace of mind even if you have no physical strength.
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2.Bicycle park near Shibuya station

I go to Shibuya every day. I was surprised that this place is very similar to the scene. Shibuya is a city of young people. Japanese young people often go out to play here. Shibuya on holiday is very crowded. The scrambled intersection in Shibuya is also very famous worldwide. There are many clubs, music bars and izakaya in Shibuya. Also you can enjoy shopping in Shibuya. Shibuya, Harajuku and Omotesando are very close. So you can walk from Shibuya to Harajuku, Omotesando and Ebisu.
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3.Alley of Center street in Shibuya

There is a foreign currency exchange store in this place. This place is not a smoking place. But there are many people who smoke here. As you go through Shibuya's basketball street, there is a small alley on the left. There is a greengrocer at the back of the alley. As you go behind the small alley it is this place. We might be able to meet Kumatetsu if we also walk behind the alley in Shibuya.
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4.Yoyogi park

It is similar to Shinjuku Gyoen of Seichi junrei of the Garden of Words, but it is different. This park is not very beautiful because it is free of admission. Admission to Shinjuku Gyoen is only 200 yen. However, Shinjuku Gyoen is very beautiful. There are many events here. Also, this park connects with Harajuku. Therefore, this park is close to Shibuya. I think that there are many cute and young girls in Harajuku. But they are still high school students. If you are an adult, let's care about their age before inviting them to hang out. Their age is hard to understand in appearance.
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