"Shikioriori" and Makoto Shinkai【Seichi junrei】

Previously I wrote about plot of "Shikioriori". If you would like to know the synopsis of the detailed "Shikioriori" please check it out.
Plot of "Shikioriori" and Makoto Shinkai 
This time I will write the relationship between Makoto Shinkai and Shikioriori and my "Shikioriori" review. Also I will write about Seichi junrei of "Shikioriori". That is real places of "Shikioriori".

"Shikioriori" and Makoto Shinkai

"Shikioriori" is a work of animation production company CoMix Wave Films Inc. which became famous with "5 Centimeters per Second" and "your name". In addition, HAOLINERS ANIMATION, an animation production company in China, also cooperated. In short, "Shikioriori" means that Japan and China were jointly produced. But this time the director is not Makoto Shinkai. He is a Chinese named Lee Haolin who respects Makoto Shinkai. However, the picture of "Shikioriori" is as beautiful as a movie by Makoto Shinkai. The story of "Shikioriori" is similar to "5 Centimeters per Second". That's because Lee Haolin respects Makoto Shinkai. He seems to have offered cooperative offer to CoMix Wave Films Inc. many times.
I already introduced Seichi junrei of "5 Centimeters per Second", Seichi junrei of "your name" and Seichi junrei of "the Garden of Words". Please check them as well.

Review of "Shikioriori"

I love this anime movie but I'm going to write a review of this honestly. It may be able to capture criticism as well. The first thing I have to say is that I love "Shikioriori". I think this is a good anime.

Overall review

"Shikioriori" is a very lyrical good anime movie. We can feel their emotions from the conversation of the characters in the work. I think "Shikioriori" is very deep. My satisfaction when I finished watching this anime was high. But "Shikioriori" had no individuality at all. It turned out that the producers of "Shikioriori" respected Shinkansen. But it has gone out of their good particlally personality. It was like a copy of Makoto Shinkai's works. I thought that "Shikioriori" needed more personality of producers. Personality is absolutely necessary for a wonderful anime movie. When "your name" became a topic Makoto Shinkai said in an interview, 

"I like girls' drool, I think that every adolescent boys likes it."

 I thought he was a pervert. At least I never thought that I liked girls' drool. However, I think that it is possible to create a wonderful anime movie because a pervert genius brings out personality. I said "It was like a copy of Makoto Shinkai's works". However imitation is a necessary process in the course of growth. Even Makoto Shinkai said he was strongly influenced by Japanese famous novelist Haruki Murakami and Japanese famous film director Shunji Iwai. Haruki Murakami and Shunji Iwai are also excellent genius creators. I also love their works. Imitation of excellent people is very important.

Each review

Since it is divided into trilogy, I will introduce my review in three. Also, I did not watch the movie in English, I watched the movie in Japanese, so I'm not sure the title is exactly correct or not.

1.Sunny breakfast
All the foods that appeared in this story looked very delicious. This makes you feel very appetite. Especially the soba looked very delicious. I felt incense from the image. Especially the soba made by Shaomin's grandmother looks to be very delicious. After you finish watching this you definitely want to eat Chinese food. But the order of the story was disjointed. In the middle of the story of Shaomin you will find a story of a completely different family. Because of this I thought that the story of "Sunny breakfast" is no longer the story of Shaomin.

2.Small fashion show


This work felt better 'personality' than the other two works. Honestly the other two works seemed to be a copy of Makoto Shinkai's work. But when asked if "Small fashion show" is excellent as a story, I answer "Small fashion show" as normal. At least I do not think this work is very good. There is too much explanation in this story. I think that development of the story will be too suddenly. For example, older sister suddenly got sick. Until a while ago she was drinking well. I felt a little uncomfortable in that situation. The most disappointing point of "Small fashion show" is that the costume of the essential fashion show was not very wonderful. The fashion show is the most important scene of this work. Therefore I thought that the costume of her fashion show should have been wonderful. I think that it was better if the costume overwhelmed viewers when viewers saw the costume. However, the last scene of this work is very impressed.

3.Shanghai love


This work is much more perfect than the other two works. But this work has the least personality. The story of "Shanghai love" is similar to the story of "5 Centimeters per Second". This is because the director Lee Haolin respects Makoto Shinkai. "Shanghai love" is a work of very high completeness. I think the composition of this story is very wonderful. However, I think it is a pity that director Lee Haolin has no distinctive merit.


Summary of Shikioriori's review

"Shikioriori" was a very meaningful work. Because this was a collaboration between Japan and China. However, the producers of "Shikioriori" respected Makoto Shinkai too much. That strongly came out in the "Shikioriori". Although this work has faults, it was a work of high completeness overall. I knew that the Chinese anime would go beyond Japanese anime in the near future. I am very afraid of it as one Japanese.

If you would like to know the synopsis of the detailed "Shikioriori" please check it out. ☞Plot of "Shikioriori" and Makoto Shinkai

Seichi junrei of "Shikioriori" ~Real places~

The stage of this work is China. So Seichi of "Shikioriori" is in China.


Image source:Airhank


Image source:リ監督の思い出の場所で、上海の伝統的建築様式“石庫門”(せきこもん)のロケ写真