Seichi Junrei Map

This time I will explain about Seichi Junrei Map. If you come to Japan and want to go to Seichi, you must know the location of that Seichi. In other words, in order for you to enjoy Seichi Junrei, you must be able to find the Seichi Junrei Map. If you are a real anime fan, you should definitely do Seichi Junrei. Also, I already explained the meaning of Seichi Junrei in detail very much. If you are anime fan you do not know about Seichi junrei, please read this.
Seichi Junrei means...

How to find Seichi Junrei Map

The way to find Seichi Junrei Map is roughly divided into 4. If you can read Japanese correctly, finding Seichi of your favorite anime is not difficult. Please search on Google using Japanese. This time I will show you how to find Seichi of your favorite anime even if you can not read Japanese as much as possible. I think first method and the last method are easiest. The second and third methods are a little difficult. Because you have to use a little Japanese.

1.Search from this blog

This blog (Seichi of Anime) is a blog about Seichi Junrei and anime. When I introduce Seichi Junrei of anime I also put maps so that you know the address of that places. Please click "Seichi of Anime List" on the top of this blog. 

Please click "Seichi of Anime List"

And you can press Ctrl + F or search within the page to search for the title of the anime you want to check. If you see "Seichi Junrei" in the search result LABELS column of anime, please go to the page.

You can press Ctrl + F or search within the page to search for the title of the anime you want to check.

Also you can use search in blog for finding your favorite anime's Seichi. There is a place written "Search the title of your favorite anime" on top of this blog. So please enter the title of your favorite anime and search. But I also write articles other than about Seichi Junrei. Therefore, in this method, articles of reviews etc of my anime will also appear in search results.

2.Using the Japanese seichi junrei map website

This is a website used by many anime fans in Japan. You can easily find Seichi of your favorite anime on this website. But in this case you must use Japanese. When you visit this website you will find places to search. Please enter the title of your favorite anime in Japanese there. And please search. Then you can see the information of many Seichi Junrei. But in many cases you can only see addresses and photos of the place. You can not compare anime and Seichi of Anime like this blog. However, This website is very useful if you are in Japan. In that case you need to search by the place name in Japan. Then you can get a lot of information on Seichi of Anime on that land. If you are mastering Japanese you can also get such an image↓
Image source:秩父観光なび
This is Seichi Junrei map of "Anohana". I already wrote about Seichi Junrei of Anohana. Please also check it.
Seichi junrei of "Anohana"

3.Search on Twitter

There are many anime fans around the world on Twitter. But many anime fans other than Japanese anime fans are not familiar with "Seichi Junrei" yet. There are many anime fans who do not know Seichi Junrei at all. Therefore, you should search using Japanese.

4.Just ask me

This is very easy. Please ask me about Seichi Junrei of anime you want to know.
I will investigate it for you. Or I already know it. I am very familiar with Seichi Junrei of Anime. Do not hesitate to contact me anything. Also, I would like to make this blog a very popular anime blog. I am very serious about this. Therefore I would like to know which anime's seichi is popular. If you will ask questions about anime or Japan to me, I will be grateful to you. If you want to know more about me read this.
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