【Seichi junrei of "One Punch Man"】

Real places of "One Punch Man"

This time I will introduce four Seichi of "One Punch Man". Seichi of "One Punch Man" is all in Tokyo. So you can visit here whenever you come to Japan. Because it is almost impossible for people sightseeing in Japan to not go to Tokyo. Seichi of "One Punch Man" can be easily reached from Shibuya station using Inokashira Line. The original drawing by "One Punch Man" is Yusuke Murata. He was also in charge of drawing Eyeshield 21. He was an assistant in drawing DEATH NOTE when he was a rookie. He is famous for being a very skilled graphic artist in Japan. I already introduced Seichi of DEATH NOTE and Seichi of Eyeshield 21. Please check if you are interested.
Seichi of DEATH NOTE
Seichi of Eyeshield 21
Also, I wrote about One Punch Man Japanese name. Please read it too.
One Punch Man Japanese name
Image source:俺的ゲーム速報

1.Saitama's house

There is Meiji University which is one of the famous Japanese universities near here. As a result, there are a lot of smart people near here. Also be careful when you get off the train at Meidaimae station. A very large number of people get off the train at this station. Especially Meidaimae station in the evening on weekdays surprisedly crowded. Even I who is Japanese was surprised. But please do not think there is anything special and interesting in this area because it is crowded. This station is very crowded but there is nothing special in this area. If you will not do Seichi junrei you do not need to go here.
Image source:kaigai-matome
Image source:憩いの平焼き屋

This is located in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. You will arrive at Saitama's house in about 2 minutes walking from Meidaimae Station toward the capital high speed.

2.Around Meidaimae Station

Please compare the images below carefully. The real building is slightly smaller. But the building behind Saitama is exactly the same.
Image source:ameblo.jp
Image source:ameblo.jp
This place is almost the same place as 1. Saitama's house.

3.Kichijoji Station North Exit

Kichijoji is a place many Japanese people would like to live in. Kichijoji always ranked number one in Japan 's city rankings you want to live. This city is very easy to live in. There is a very big and beautiful park in this town. That park's name is Inokashira Park. Please come to Inokashira Park if you visit Kichijoji. There is not much nature in Tokyo. But it is in Inokashira Park.
Image source:職業:魔法使い死亡

Image source:https://dtman.info
Image source:https://dtman.info

4.L-Breath 吉祥寺店前