"Shikioriori" synopsis

This time I will write the plot of "Shikioriori". In addition, I also write the relationship and review between Shikioriori and Makoto Shinkai. There are also real places of Shikioriori introduced. Please also read here.
"Shikioriori" and Makoto Shinkai【Seichi junrei】
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Synopsis of "Shikioriori"

The theme of "Shikioriori" is "food, clothing, shelter". The stage is three major cities in China. If you have not watch the preview video yet, please watch it.

 Also, this anime movie is split into a trilogy as if "5 Centimeters per Second".

Since it is divided into trilogy, I will introduce the plot in three. By the way, when you watch "Shikioriori" you will want to watch "5 Centimeters per Second". You can see well that Lee Haolin loves "5 Centimeters per Second". Also, I did not watch the movie in English, I watched the movie in Japanese, so I'm not sure the title is exactly correct or not.

1.Sunny breakfast


A young man working in Beijing Shao Min recalled his hometown. His hometown is Hunan Province. His hometown was a countryside. He lived with my grandmother. He recalled memories of love at school and lots of things. His most important memories are the warm soba made by his grandmother. And the phone came to him that his grandmother was feeling ill.

2.Small fashion show

Guangzhou's sister is the main character. It is Ilin who is a popular model and a vocational college student who is Ruru. Their parents have died when they were very young. They lived together to help each other. They are very close. They are very nice sister. But recently Ilin has not worked well or private. Therefore Irin gives a hit to Lulu. They have a big fight.

3.Shanghai love


Shanghai in the 1990s is the stage. Limo who lives in Sekikomon loved her childhood friend Shaoyu. Limo is always with Shaoyu. But Limo has to move. They were separated. Their hearts are also separated. And now the time is now. Limo has become a worker. Adult Limo found important and memorable thing that should be Shaoyu's thing.

Production companies of "Shikioriori"

"Shikioriori" is a collaborative work between a Japanese production company and a Chinese production company.

About CoMix Wave Films Inc. 

This company is a production company focusing on original animated movies. A number of famous movie writers including Makoto Shinkai are affiliated. The existence of this production company is very famous in Japan thanks to Makoto Shinkai. In particular, "your name" has become a popular anime worldwide.


HAOLINERS ANIMATION is an animation production company in China but entered Japan in 2015. This company has been involved in several Japanese anime so far. However, this opportunity is the first time to be involved in Japanese anime movies.