Shikioriori meaning in english

My English friend asked me "What is meaning Shikioriori in English?" To be honest I could not answer soon. Because different Chinese characters were used for the Japanese Shikioriori I know and Shikioriori for this anime. Perhaps Shikioriori of this anime movie has special meaning. Therefore I think that the word 詩季織々(Shikioriori) is used. I would like to explain it in detail today. I also write about the relationship between Makoto Shinkai and Shikioriori, reviews of this anime movie and detailed synopsis. Please read those who are interested about.
"Shikioriori" and Makoto Shinkai【Seichi junrei】
"Shikioriori" synopsis

The meaning of "Shikioriori"

The production staff and directors of "Shikioriori" explain the meaning of this "Shikioriori" in various interviews in Japan. I will summarize it clearly.

the word 詩季織々 (Shikioriori) is a coined word.

 Four-character idiom "四季折々" (Shikioriori) is a very famous idiom in Japan. Until it became the title of this anime movie, there were no idioms or word "詩季織々" (Shikioriori) existed in Japan. Inagaki Yasutaka who was a producer of Shikiorioro answered with the interview that the title 詩季織々 (Shikioriori) was made with reference to the Japanese idiom "四季折々" (Shikioriori).

Meaning of "四季折々" (Shikioriori)

I examined the meaning of the Japanese idiom "四季折々" (Shikioriori) on several Japanese dictionaries I have. I also searched the meaning on the internet.

The meaning of the Japanese idiom "四季折々" (Shikioriori) seems to be an idiom that can express together the characteristics and appeal of each of the four seasons in Japan.

There are four seasons in Japan. Each has a very attractive and distinctive element. For example, in spring of Japan, the cherry blossoms are very beautiful in the season. Cherry blossoms appear in many anime. "5 Centimeters per Second" is one of them. Cherry blossoms are a symbol of spring in Japan.
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Also, the summer symbol of Japan is fireworks and summer festival. Many anime also draw summer festivals and fireworks. Anohana is one of them. Fall in Japan is a comfortable season. The autumn symbol of Japan is autumn leaves. It is very beautiful and you will be touched by fall as you go to the mountains of Japan in autumn. The scenery is a masterpiece. The symbol of winter in Japan is snow, kotatsu and oranges. Kotatsu will appear in many anime. "四季折々" (Shikioriori) can express such four seasons in Japan in one word. "At this restaurant you can enjoy creative dishes using ingredients of "四季折々" (Shikioriori). You can use this word like this. The meaning of this sentence is that you can eat seasonal creative dishes at the restaurant.

The meaning of 詩季織々 (Shikioriori)

I studied a lot of interviews and remarks by Shikioriori's production staff and directors. I interpreted the meaning of Shikioriori as

"poems for those who live beautifully and beautifully"

Yasutaka Inagaki said " Shikioriori is divided into trilogy, we regard each work as poetry," By the way, "詩" of kanji means poetry in English. "季" is a kanji representing the season. Yasutaka Inagaki said "oriori means "at those times". In this work we used the word "Oriori" because we also drew people living various seasons and at those times"